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Street basketball SF and very practical

2022-06-22 20:07American street basketball
Summary: Street basketball SF experienceSF's skill I strongly recommend several pull rod layups. This skill is inexpensive and practical. It can cause great pressure on the defenders to dribble back under t
Street basketball SF experience
SF's skill I strongly recommend several pull rod layups. ThiStreet basketball SF  and very practicals skill is inexpensive and practical. It can cause great pressure on the defenders to dribble back under the basket. This skill can open up the space. Personally, I think it's good. The new skill Jay dance step is actually very easy to useHow to play street basketball SF
In fact, it's easy to say that SF plays well. You should have the awareness of making up and defending. When rebounding, you should help yourself to block the opponent's internal rebounds. You should let the other side figure out your next attack method, play with the other side's judgment, have the awareness of passing a good ball, let your teammates score calmly, and have the ability to Street basketball SF  and very practicalscoreHow does SF work well in street basketball
First of all, let's talk about defense. SF's defense is the strongest in theory. It's not slow. It has a body and a block, but it will use two extreme effects on different hands. Experts play SF, and the defense is absolutely strong. Rookies play SF, and the defense is in vain ~ ~ I won't tell you how to prevent back 2What is SF in street basketball
SF CIC is the most accurate (excluding special cases). In the initial stage (before level 15), you can help C to make up the board. If you are good at grabbing the board, you can play with 2G.. When you get to level 15, you can turn around and do things that really belong to SF.. CIC. 3 points (after 25 is recommended)
Street basketball SF essential skills
Skill selection: smart dunk, the best scoring method for barrier free take-off. For lightning shooting, there is noStreet basketball SF  and very practical reverse running in the open position, because the distance of reverse running can be ignored for C, PF and SF, and lightning is not easy to be covered. Break through aStreet basketball SF  and very practicalnd retreat. When playing big, keep advancing and advancingHow to play street basketball SF
Freestyle installs these skills according to your preferences and matches them with your own street basketball. Let's talk about each excellent skill. Ordinary passing: This is a breakthrough passing posture. It is easy to be knocked down, but it is a necessary skill. Breakthrough dribble: an upgraded version of ordinary crossoverWhat does SF mean in street basketball
SF is a small forward PF is the power forward and C is the center SG is the shooting guard PG is the point guardHow should street basketball SF be played
Go to the basket 1. overlord step (under the blue, only after dribbling! First do the fake action of shooting, then press the down + right direction key at the same time, and then long press the d+ direction key to the basket. The action should be fast) 2. turn your back to the basket and turn to the blue after receiving the ball 3. go to the blue in three steps. Catch the ball facing CWhat about SF in street basketball
If you really want to play SF, I have to tell you first that SF is the most expensive occupation besides C. unless you think you have good skills and awareness, I suggest you play g or something. After confirming that you want to play F, I will tell you how SF is known and what abilities SF hasHow to play SF in street basketball
After reading countless questions about SF and how SF cooperates with the attack, in fact, in the final analysis, although SF is somewhat weak by Tianyou, its value still exists. The key depends on how you find this value. Basketball belongs to three people. First, it should be fixed as early as possible. There is no need to pay attention to the selection of fixed
Street basketball SF and very practical

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