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Street basketball 83 novice bag can +3 bounce

2022-06-28 03:43American street basketball
Summary: Street basketball 45 strawberry 102 jump 83 board can second high 2Yes, absolutelyStreet basketball pf my bounce level 27 is 83 vip+2 training 2 +9 shoes +3 horns in addition to 7 wingsThe novice bag
Street basketball 45 strawberry 102 jump 83 board can second high 2
Yes, absolutely
Street basketball pf my bounce level 27 is 83 vip+2 training 2 +9 shoes +3 horns in addition to 7 wings
The novice bag can +3 bounce and does not overlap with the corner and the faucet. Excuse me, upstairs, what is Niutou,? I only know the triangle faucet. The ability cannot be superimposed with the angle. If you want to make the jump to the extreme, you can join the team with the person with the jump faucet. He can help you Another +1 jump prop is the ultimate That's itWhere is the rebound point of the street basketball center 83? 1 high 2 high 3 high 4 how to grab the expert's advice
At the highest point of senior three
How much is C's highest ability in street basketball
Level 45 is 80, Street basketball 83  novice bag can +3 bounceplus training 83, wearing clothes with 11, plus 3 horns, 83+11+3=97. In legend, there are wings with 9, 97+9=106, hairstyle with 1, and eyes with 5, 106+6=112. But there cStreet basketball 83  novice bag can +3 bouncean't be so many things, and eyes and wings can't be worn togetherTalk about several boards of street basketball
The rebounds in street basketball are nothing more than fixed-point boards, punching boardsStreet basketball 83  novice bag can +3 bounce, backboards and seconds. I have been playing basketball for some time (internal test) and summarized several methods of grabbing boards. I won't go into details about the fixed board and the punching board. Players with a certain playing age will certainly do it. Here I'll talk about the reverse board and the second boardIs the street basketball Pf1 meter 83 low
Low, but casually, I don't care about the height of so many cmStreet basketball backboard
I played C, and now I have played. The seconds are faster than seconds and minutes! It's amazing to say that the second and minute are faster than the average level! Don't you see that many seconds and minutes of the board are still divided or touched or held steadily by the second board? This is the first card position, to be stuck in a position he can't getOn the three-point ball of SG in street basketball
At the beginning of street basketball, 3 points and rebounds were mainly used. Fixed process, no other tactical culture. Later, there was gradually a guard. Now, there is a C who is a guard g, luring the other Party C out to make up defense. Then G pulled C away, and his own C went into the internal line to pull the other party G. In this way, the opponent g defends his own CStreet basketball C ah, the rebounding ability of the fifth brother 83.Street basketball 83  novice bag can +3 bounce He always jumps early when grabbing the board. How embarrassing! What to do? I
In fact, is your 83 ability a stopwatch? If it is a second board, the 83 ability should be able to reach the board with high 1 and high 2 seconds, and the board with high 3 should not be able. If the board is always grasped earlyStreet basketball C
The people upstairs boast so much! Then I'll tell you how to be an expert. For the 3-point rebounds, there are defensive rebounds and offensive rebounds. This is very important, even if it is the same shot, the same landing point, offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds are different in the difficulty of grabbing. Because if there are centers on both sides
Street basketball 83 novice bag can +3 bounce

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