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Street basketball brush several meanings

2022-06-23 01:35American street basketball
Summary: What does "brush" mean in street basketballThere are several meanings: 1. Brush score, 2. Brush board, 3. Brush data, 4. Brush horn, 5. Brush experience, 6. Brush score, 7. Brush house, 8. Brush
What does "brush" mean in street basketball
There are several meanings: 1. Brush score, 2. Brush board, 3. Brush data, 4. Brush horn, 5. Brush experience, 6. Brush score, 7. Brush house, 8. Brush screen. That's all the basic meaning.. There is no other meaningHow to brush street basketball
At present, most of the brush points are to cheat you. I can't brush them. I also know some other things about the street. If you need help, you can ask me. Now you can open more cars, get tattoos, get clothes, brush the horn, and speed up. I know all the above. If you need to come to me, I also do some pointsAsk for the scoring method of street basketball
I can give you a way to create a room to invite 5 friends, plus you have just 6 players, including the home team and the visiting team. When the home team starts to brush points, each player can score 6 points, throw 3 points, lay up can also be done, and don't score after each player scores 6 pointsHow to brush the grade of street basketball
Direct second brushing, after double openStreet basketball brush  several meaningsing, use the talented women's multi-functional second brushing device to start the game in the warm-up match, then click start second brushing to be OK, and then go out of the room to enter the channel to build a room to be brushed in seconds. Pay attention to the guest teamHow to brush points for street basketball
The main team and the visiting team usually brush the points first. For example, when the visiting team serves the ball, it is intended to be snatched away by the main team, and then don't take care of the main team. The visiting teamStreet basketball brush  several meanings can't move outside the 3-point line. If it doesn't move for one minute, it will be automatically blocked outWho knows how to score street basketball
Each member of the other team gets 8 points. There can be no other data until the end of the game. In this way, the three members of one team have the highest scoreStreet basketball brush  several meaningss. Their experience and points are the same. They are all MVP. It's just another team's turn in the next game. They can brush the points in turn. Don't let a team run after brushing, otherwiseHow to score street basketball
If there is no one left ~ you can drive 4 ~ then get a tattoo ~ you can play with yourself ~ you'd better have a large one to take with you ~ you have more experience ~ the specific points to be swiped are as follows ~a team swipes first ~a team comes one by one ~ (this is experience ~ because you remember wrong every time ~ you don't know how many points you break) at this time, a team takes the ball ~How to score street basketball
Hehe, if you and your teammates are strong, you can score high points without thinking about brushing points. I'm a pg. I can get 6 or 7 assists when I go to 22 or 33. If it's OK, I can get more. My teammates can get about 20 points. Mainly because of my breakthroughStreet basketball second brush tutorial
In other words, the first set has an effect, and the second set has no effect. I forgot to say that we should change the 10 that receives scores in the next 3 or 4 codes to 11 That Street basketball brush  several meaningswill do. If you brush manually, do not switch to other numbers after the number loaded by OE starts the game, which will failHow to quickly brush street basketball
You can find a group of friends or many numbers and several machines in one room, and then let them stay still (brush scores and experience) and ask them to take out (brush steals) and let them throw at a distance. You can grab the backboard (brush the backboard) and give the ball to your teammates. Then the teammates immediately throw closer (brush assists) and so on
Street basketball brush several meanings

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