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Street basketball warehouse

2022-06-23 04:33American street basketball
Summary: How to trade game points in the street basketball warehouseDirect trading is prohibited. You can use this method. First, use a sign (abbreviated as a) to point to the upper right corner " Fast tr
How to trade game points in the street basketball warehouse
Direct trading is prohibited. You can use this method. First, use a sign (abbreviated as a) to point to the upper right corner " Fast track &qStreet basketball warehouseuot--- Gem trading --- change it into a gem here, and then let the number you need points (abbreviated as b) open a shop, sell a few things wiStreet basketball warehouseth B, a will buy it, and then B will exchange the obtained gem in the gem tradingIn street basketball (online games), how does my character get clothes from a friend's character warehouse
First of all, do you mean the warehouse in the game or the warehouse on the web page? The warehouse on the web page is OK You first ask him to send the props you want to your account. You are assembling the props into your character. You can't send them to the warehouse in the game
Street basketball warehouse
Go to the warehouse in the amusement park of Tianyou Street basketball warehouseto have a look. Where are the general things sent? If not, refund it
How can I log in to the street basketball web warehouse? How can I receive a gift from someone? Thank you
Overview: first, log in to FS web props mall. After logging in, select my warehouse, where you can receive it. Street basketball mobile game is a 3v3 fair competitive leisure sports mobile game authorized by end game developer Joycity, developed by Beijing zhangqu Technology Co., Ltd. and operated by Tencent gameStreet basketball web warehouse which knows
The street basketball web warehouse is a landing prop mall, which can be opened by opening the prop warehouse. Street basketball is an online basketball game "street basketball" developed by a Korean company. With the theme of street basketball bullfighting, it can support 6 players to compete online. The game adopts 3D cartoon style, and the picture is neat and lively, full of street hip-hop flavorHow to enter the street basketball props warehouse
It depends on which warehouse you want to enter in the game. That's easy. There is a prop warehouse in the lower row of the game. Click to enter It's easy if you want to go to the website http://shop.t2cn 。How do I get the items in the street basketball web warehouse
Generally, it is obtained from Tianyou's activities. For example, if you recharge 150, you will give something as a gift, which will be distributed to your web warehouse
How to transfer the props of Tianyou props warehouse to the game in street basketball
The props warehouse in the amusement park has its own props, which can be assStreet basketball warehouseembled into the game characters. It should be noted that the items to be assembled are to select the right items and characters, and the ability equipment should be added. In addition, some props that cannot be used by men and women can be seen clearly. If they are not installed, it will be too late to regretAbout street basketball website prop warehouse
Log in to the props mall, open your props warehouse, and then give away the clothes. There is a page popping up under the configuration point. See that there is a 'recipient user name' on the left half. Enter your friend's account number! The following is the 'number of props'. You can fill in a few' messages' as you send them. The right half is delivered to your own numberWhere is the web props warehouse of street basketball
There is a place to register your pass at the top left of the game login window (that is, the window that selects the region). You can find the mall after you log in, and then there is the 'my props' column
Street basketball warehouse

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