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Street basketball playground

2022-06-23 05:13American street basketball
Summary: I played street basketball on the big playground at night. How can I use it? For details, I am a computer idiotRight click to unzip the compressed package to the current folder, right click to cut or
I played street basketball on the big playground at night. How can I use it? For details, I am a computer idiot
Right click to unzip the compressed package to the current folder, right click to cut or copy the unzipped package, and paste it under the file of street basketball you installed. Ask if you want to replacStreet basketball playgrounde xxoo. Yes, OK. Save the previous decompression of the file, and just drag iStreet basketball playgroundtHow to change the map of the street basketball playground
At least don't put it in the installation directory. Step 3: paste the file with your name changed before. If you want to use the overlay method, you can see how much you know about the computer. You can only see your map when you choose a large playgroundWhy do we all choose the big playground for street basketball
The reason why we choose the big playground as the first map: 1) the map is small and the reading speed is fast; 2) The overall light of the map is relatively soft, which makes it easy for the eyes to see; 3) The map is the first one. We are used to it; 4) It's not easy to get stuck. Some maps are very stuck, such as those on sunset beachFind the auxiliary line map of the street basketball playground! (the one dedicated to PF. It's colored with red and black circles)_ Hundred
Just download the auxiliary area of street basketball. It is also a map with circles in the middle. The frog version is more popular now, but it is different from the map in the video of street hooligans. It is mainly different in color, but it is guaranteed to be very easy to use. Direct traStreet basketball playgroundnsmission may have a virus, so it will not be transmitted to youHow to change the street basketball playground into a ink court? For details
First, you need to download the map of the ink court, then find the street basketball folder and put stage02 The Pak file can be replacedHow to enlarge the playground for street basketball
The next map on the Internet can be found on Baidu. Then go to the freestyle folder on your computer and find a file named stage02 Pak file. This is the map of the playground. Then delete this one, put the downloaded one, and remember to change the name to stage02 pak。Seeking street basketball auxiliary line map new line playground final version (perfect auxiliary line)
The shadow line in the original drawing - the shadow under the tunnel bridge on the original playground map, I don't know what its hidden role is, but I've seen people superstitious about this shadow line before. I sniffed for a long time and cast the line at the far angle - in the orange area divided by these two lines, because it is too far from the basket, pressing D will have a special effectWhy choose big playground for street basketball
Another consensus reached a long time ago is that everyone thinks the playground is not jammedAdvantages of street basketball playground
The background is not dazzling. When grabbinStreet basketball playgroundg rebounds, the line of sight will not be disturbed by the background, which will affect the judgment of rebounds. Therefore, in order to grab rebounds, everyone uses the big playground, and some people like the Great WallWhat do you think of the arrows in the back running auxiliary diagram of the street basketball playground? Ask for specific explanation
Yes means the direction key pressed when shooting immediately after receiving the ball. For example, if the arrow is ←, and the operation is ← +d, the talent ball will not appear. Answer is over
Street basketball playground

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