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Street basketball a Wu personal feeling Howard

2022-06-23 06:31American street basketball
Summary: Is street basketball a Wu good or the new Howard goodPersonally, I feel that Howard, although a Wu is the mainstream c~ ~ but the new Howard's ability has exploded ~ ~ ~ and his height has increase
Is street basketball a Wu good or the new Howard good
Personally, I feel that Howard, although a Wu is the mainstream c~ ~ but the new Howard's ability has exploded ~ ~ ~ and his height has increased by 8cm ~ ~ the current street ball height theory is very serious, and his body is not bad. However, his ability is all floating clouds. The key is operation. It has 100 attributes. If you play with a little white, you will also be abused and exploded by others, andThe role of street basketball becomes more common. C becomStreet basketball a Wu  personal feeling Howardes a Wu. Will the ability value change
Is it the prop of the mall? What makes an ordinary character special? Height will certainly become the standard ah Wu abilityStreet basketball a Wu  personal feeling Howard. Your level is the ability after you become ah Wu. You play 33 or 2233 people prefeStreet basketball a Wu  personal feeling Howardr Raymond to block more.. If you are 22, just ah WuA comprehensive analysis of which is better for ah Wu to be promoted to Garcia in street basketball
Ah Wu. Although ah Wu is now a rotten street, why are there so many? It must be good. There is little difference between the two abilities, but in practice, ah Wu's rebounds are really excellent, and his blocks are also good, but he occasionally falls in love (he doesn't wear resistance clothes and other special skills are 2 points lower than resistance, I can't remember)Is a Wu or Nini good at street basketball? For detailed analysis
Let me tell you something. Nini's lv45 +11 suit +3-point rebounding ability can reach 100. A 5 can only reach 99. Then Nini was 178. A 5 is 202. Height difference. As a result, block a is 5 times stronger than Nini. These are not the most importantIs ah Wu better or Nini better in the special role of street basketball? Who can publish their advantages and disadvantages
Ah, the five hats are good. They are very competitive. Their speed is relatively slow. Nini class is better and faster. It depends on whether you play 2v2 or 3v3, and whether you like playing female or male. I play 3v3. Personally, I like ah five. Ah five are big, good pick and roll, and also have hatsStreet basketball APU Garcia Li Youran which role is better
Li Youran is too feminine and doesn't like it personally; A Wu's height is an advantage, but his ability is slightly inferior to that of Garcia and Li Youran; Garcia'sStreet basketball a Wu  personal feeling Howard ability value is good, but it is too long without characteristics, and not many people see it online; In fact, Jack and raccoon are good choices. Jack's inside ability is very outstandingCan ah Wu's 92 rebounds and 41 bounces in street basketball play the second board
Your rebounding ability is enough. Your bounce is too low. 92 rebounds 50 high jump 96 rebounds 55 high jump
Street basketball game c what special people to buy
Ah Wu's appearance is definitely the most handsome among all the roles in street basketball. There is no need to say this! There is a feeling to play here! Who doesn't want his role to be more handsome? 5 is also the most practical point: ah Wu has deterrent power! When your opponent sees ah Wu, if your data is better, the opponent will feel powerlessWhich c character is the best in street basketball
Everyone prefers ah Wu and Nini. Ah Wu is the mainstream. He has height, weight, high ability and so on. I don't need to say more about his advantages. I think you know that the disadvantage is that he is a little less flexible, but nothing else. I have used Nini personally. I feel pretty good. On the surface, the added ability is quite different from that of ah WuWhich C is the best in street basketball with special interior lines
The first choice is leisurely, and the second choice is ah Wu. Youran is typical of thin C, and AWU is typical of fat C. The difference is that Youran is smaller, which is conducive to transposition. AWU is larger and more confrontational. If you are a novice, you should take it easy. C often has to face the situation of being beaten by the enemy 2 to 1. Its small size is conducive to moving and seizing the defensive position and side cards (strong anti suction). Again
Street basketball a Wu personal feeling Howard

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