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2022-06-22 15:01American street basketball
Summary: Why are there so many people hanging basketball on the street recently that the government doesn't seal itClose your eyes and recall the fiery scene of the street ball ~ ha ha! The scene that you h
Why are there so many people hanging basketball on the street recently that the government doesn't seal it
Close your eyes and recall the fiery scene of the street ball ~ ha ha! The scene that you have to spend 10 points to enter a channel ~ ha ha! The scene that the whole server is about to crash ~ do you think there are so many people playing this game? Let's take a look at the access of street basketball channels after the God of war plug-in was seizedAre there any plug-ins for street basketball now? How can some speed be surprisingly fast
Now there are still plug-ins for street basketball on the Internet. Every time the game is updated, new plug-ins will appear. There are many kinds of plug-ins, some of which are not obvious, and some of which are exaggerated. Now there are some problems in the basketball network that sometimes misunderstand some people as using plug-ins. One is that you can watch them grab the board and speed upStreet basketball hanging problem
It is recommendedStreet basketball plug-in to use the plug-in cautiously. First of all, using the plug-in is in danger of being blocked. However, if you want to use the plug-in very much, you should buy the ability to punch a VIP. In this way, you can not easily be suspected of speeding up and casting 3 points accurately. However, it is difficult to guarantee the winning rate if the use is not obvious. In addition, all the plug-ins are abnormal. If they are not arrogantWhy do street basketball like to open plug-inStreet basketball plug-ins
Second, there must be some rookies ~ ~ because their skills are not as good as others ~ so they want to become masters in the shortest time ~ but he chose the wrong way ~ to become masters ~ you can't just rely on plug-ins ~ ~ you should exercise your skills ~ that's the real master ~ I rarely play street basketball now ~ ~ but now plug-ins should be less than before ~Is there a cheating device in street basketball
No, but you should know if you can brush points? In 3v3, the first team scored 6 points each and the other team did nothing
Street basketball can't play... Tips are to prevent plug-in exceptions... How to solve them
Maybe it's not a plug-in, but the street doesn't recognize it. If you have a one click restore or something like that on your computer, try it. If the restore doesn't work, it means that the program is not in disk C. you can empty all other disks and reinstall street basketball. If there is no restore or something like that, you can only reinstall the systemWhat about people who use plug-ins in street basketball
Play with friends. Open a room together. I was forced to quit just two minutes ago. Either a friend or you. Leave one as the homeowner, and then press the private chat immediately if he doesn't return. First, tell him to get out, and then t. It's good enough, especially when t is young. I also want to talk and scold him privately: the whole family is dead. RaveWhy does street basketball come into being and find plug-ins
I've met this situation too. First of all, are you at home? If you are checking whether the firewall is turned offAre there many plug-ins for street basketball now
Generally speaking, only novices (frequencies from level 1 to 15) have connections. There are many poStreet basketball plug-inints in zone 1 and a lot less in zone 34. Because it was not easy to raise the number and let it be sealed up again. It was very uneconomicalWhat's the use of accelerating street basketball
The most common plug-in of street basketball is acceleration. Accelerating plug-in is to change the speed of the game and make your control one step faster than others. For example, a Street basketball plug-inC opened the accelerator to grab the board. When the ball bounced onto the basket, the ball came to C. It was very fast. Of course, others couldn't grab it
Street basketball plug-in

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