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Street basketball stack what specific routine

2022-06-23 20:04American street basketball
Summary: Street basketball inside the fold, and G's fold a, what specific routinesInside line overlapping, usually C and PF or two inside line psychological tactics. The inner line is divided into two types
Street basketball inside the fold, and G's fold a, what specific routines
Inside line overlapping, usually C and PF or two inside line psychological tactics. The inner line is divided into two types of stacks. One is the inner stack: the smaller pf stands under the blue basket, and then a tall C stands outside, blocking the PF's body with C's body. The other is that C is inside and PF is outside. The basic operation of stacking is a+sStreet basketball folding tutorial
You can go to Baidu or to search for the stack pull video. In fact, the principle of stack pull is the same, that is, stack or pull the person who defends your teammate. If you pull a person, you need your teammate toStreet basketball stack  what specific routine run or move with the person who defends him. It is simple to pull a personHow to put the street basketball guard stack a
You should know who you want to defend against. One of the two defenders can defend against being 2. This one is staring at the g of back 2, and the other is going to make up for it. In fact, it is not particularly difficult to prevent overlapping. Overlapping requires the tacit understanding of skills and fixed teammates. It is also the same for defense. It is good to have tacit understandingHow to make a street basketball stack
Friend a appears in the exterior line room of 2v2 like a Even if you run with your teammates, the opponent will defend in front of you together. At this time, one of you will use your back 2 to shake them down and conStreet basketball stack  what specific routinetrol the direction by yourself. If someone falls, the two run in separate directionsHow to fold street basketball? (C and PF)
For stacking, it depends on the match between you and C. pf makes great efforts to push forward. Inside C and PF as pass the ball. Don't worry about standing inside. Sometimes G can also stack as and G and play more. It's better to have a fixed group to Street basketball stack  what specific routinemake the game more comfortableHow do street basketball F and C stack
Inside tStreet basketball stack  what specific routinehe restricted area, PF or C, do awa (without pressing the direction key). When teammate a, you can walk in. The two overlap. After stacking, you can't press the direction key, but just press the a key, which can interfere with each other's shooting. Many people now think that three o'clock and one line are overlapped. The overlap of the body is called overlap, which is usually close to the buckle. BuckleSeeking the skills of overlapping and anti overlapping of street basketball
In fact, folding is to take advantage of people's defensive habits. Generally, when two of the opponent's outside lines go to a cross position, the defender is used to changing his defense. When changing his defense, the attacker's ball bearer deliberately a reverses his original defender in the crossing direction, and then there will be a vacancyHow to fold a street basketball
Stack a is often used for 3vs, which is a kind of tactics. You have a let go player in front of a, and then your teammate runs up to block the player. Another member of the opposing team came up to make up. If you give an a, you can recite two of them and fall downWhat does "a" in street basketball mean
Those upstairs simply don't understand that the so-called "stack a" is a tactic in 3v3. It is common in teams with one interior and two exterior lines. In short, two people from the other side will defend against us together. The first exterior line uses the back two to our second exterior line. A our second exterior line runs all the way to the first exterior line, regardless of whether it is the other side's two people's defenseHow to fold street basketball
Need to have a backward dribble, two people come together, one to bring down in the opposite direction, the other to dribble backward. Practice more with your teammates, and your success rate will be higher. You will learn something slowly
Street basketball stack what specific routine

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