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American street basketball

Street basketball PG how to play street basketball PG

2022-06-22 18:01American street basketball
Summary: How to play street basketball PGI won't say much about 2v2. I'll mainly talk about 3v3. 3v3 cooperation is very important. A good PG doesn't just run through people on the outside line. It mu
How to play street basketball PG
I won't say much about 2v2. I'll mainly talk about 3v3. 3v3 cooperation is very important. A good PG doesn't just run through people on the outside line. It must pass more passes and break through to the inside line to find opportunities for teammates to block their own differences. Even if they don't block 3 points, they will create opportunities for teammates on the inside line. There is also one inside line and two outside linesPG selection for special role of street basketball
This question has been answered many times... Copy rejected! Street basketball PG prefers little Zhengtai Sigmund for the following reasons: from the perspective of image, little Zhengtai is very cute. From the perspective of ability, little Zhengtai's 3 points are more accurate than ordinary PG, and the PG's 3 points can't stop Sigmund's runningSome techniques of PG in street basketball
I'm a diver of ten thousand years. I only took a few glances at the post. Today, I'm really bored, so I posted a post. I hope I don't sink too fast. It has been more than a year since zone 2 was opened. It can be said that the most brilliant time of PG was before the major league. At that time, SG was depressed and had no one. Three points, basically one for eachHow to play PG street basketball
PG plays 3v3 based on his adaptability and overall view. He mainly wears the scorer, but if the scorer has a chance to score, he should also pass decisively. He can't pass F.Street basketball PG  how to play street basketball PG PG's defense must be sharp. He can't let SG3 points be ignored and jump around. PG's running position is very important. He plays pick and roll with his teammates to attract attention, and runs in an empty position in timeHow to play street basketball PG
In terms of fancy, back 2, changing hands, breaking through, lightning steals, sliding tackles, these other fancy moves are up to you. You'd better not buy those shooting moves, because you don't like this now. The more fancy moves, the more inaccuracies. The most important thing for PG is to cooperate. Don't add 3 points to othersWhat does street basketbaStreet basketball PG  how to play street basketball PGll PG mean
Street basketball PG, do you want to know more about the strategy and relevant information of street basketball PG? The following is a short series to bring you the sharing of street basketball PG! Street basketball mobile game is a popular sports game recently. Many novice players are not very clear about the occupation and English abbreviations in the game when they just start playingPG guide to street basketball
I have 3 PG secrets 1 When the ball is in the hands of another person on our side, you will run left and right to prevent your opponent from only following you. When we pass the ball, you will immediately run left and right a. the opponent must be there. No, pigs all know 3. In case another person comes to make up for it, it's FAll skills of playing PG in street basketball
Overall view. PG's job is to instigate the attack. When his teammates are in position, they shoulStreet basketball PG  how to play street basketball PGd pass the ball at the first time. QS and F are not good-looking. Breakthrough ability. I haven't made a specific comparison, but I think PG is the fastest in all professions. The direct scope of this data is breakthroughHow to play street baskStreet basketball PG  how to play street basketball PGetball PG
Play the defense of PG and SG in street basketball well. First, use wa heel. By consciousness, approach him first and let him recite 2. When he has not recited 2, he will not be shaken. But it all depends on consciousness and has nothing to do with operation. The second card position also needs the assistance of wa. It all depends on the positionHow to practice street basketball PG
! However, don't forget your mission. You are a PG, and organizing attacks is what you should do most By the way, don't die. You can play 3 or 2. Who stipulates that G can only play 3? It's the hard truth to score and win in basketball. It's meaningless to lose 10 3 points in a game! In fact, cooperation is very important, if you don't play well
Street basketball PG how to play street basketball PG

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