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Street basketball special special role

2022-06-22 19:01American street basketball
Summary: Which is the best choice for SG, the special role of street basketball, and PGAmong the special roles, the following female characters are suitable for playing G: those suitable for playing PG are: Sh
Which is the best choice for SG, the special role of street basketball, and PG
Among the special roles, the following female characters are suitable for playing G: those suitable for playing PG are: Sha Qi, strawberry, Mu Rui, Zhaoxi; Suitable for playing SG: Alice, bee, cocoa, liutianwei, Venus, Charlotte, spring millennium; It is recommended that female characters choose PG because SG has more shots than PGWhat are the special roles of street basketball
Borrowing from g f c Alice Francis Damon (a 5) Shaqi mi kanini Sigmund Ophelia Raymond on the first floor, I would like to add that the special role of WG is characterized by thStreet basketball special  special rolee addition of 2 points for each position of running and hat. C F G Yu Bin Yu en Zhaoxi forgot to say that the body height of WG's role isSStreet basketball special  special roletreet basketball special role C selection
Ah Wu: the most successful special role in street basketball, 2cm higher than ordinary C, is easier to stop, has a large body, is easier to lock, is easier to pick and roll, has strong physical resistance, has the best hat, bounces well, and is handsome. (I play ah Wu). The best option is to choose C and a-5, both offensive and defensive. If you play for a long time, you canSpecial role of street basketball
LZ is actually very good at playing pf no matter which special role it isAll the special characters of street basketball
Shaqi, an 18-year-old girl full of energy and motivation, was attracted by the charm of street basketball, left the school gymnasium and went to the street court with enthusiasm. However, because she had no place to go, she taught the children nearby to play basketball every dayWhat is the difference between a special role and an ordinary role in street basketball
The difference between LZ street basketball and ordinary basketball 1: first of all, the excellent appearance and the action while waiting for the game, which are different from ordinary characters, will win the love of most players. 2: Some abilities highlighted and strengthened will make many players who love a class choose special charactersSpecial characters of Street basketball special  special rolestreet basketball
Hello, Nini. Nini is the strongest in special tasks ~ ~ if you don't want to play with women, choose ah Wu. Wonder gril is not bad, but it's a little disgusting. Anyway, I wish you a good time in street basketball! Happy New Year 1
Introduction to the special role of street basketball
Two roles: Shaqi ordinary role gender: female height: 1Street basketball special  special role53cm 160cm initial ability running 4241 bouncing 1010 physical confrontation 1010 passing 4140 dribbling 4341 rebounds 0909 blocks 0909 steals 4141 middle shots 21213 points 4040 dunks 0909What is the use of street basketball special roles
The special role is to have more abilities, and then the height is weird (for example, male g Sigmund 158CM, male C ah Wu 208cm). It can't be superimposed. It seems that girl's is useless and disgusting. It is suggested to play ordinary special roles (is this a contradiction?)How to choose a special role in street basketball
Street basketball now has a total of 9 special characters. If you want to buy it, you can fill in some papers. There are special characters to buy in the character selection interface. For every profession, let's start with C: C is an important role in interior defense and rebounding. For the three special C roles, ah Wu is recognized as the best C, with high physical resistance and blocked shots
Street basketball special special role

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