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Street basketball point guard skills

2022-06-24 10:04American street basketball
Summary: What skills do street basketball point guards learnSG's necessary skills are as follows: single slot skills: (1) face up (necessary for defense) (2) jump to save the ball (necessary for guard) (3)
What skills do street basketball point guards learn
SG's necessary skills are as follows: single slot skills: (1) face up (necessary for defense) (2) jump to save the ball (necessary for guard) (3) quick make-up (necessary for defense) (4) back dribble (necessary for SG) (5) fake freestyle: (1) lightning steal (necessary for steal) (2) back alternate dribble 2 (necessary for guard to pass through) (3) sliding tackleStreet basketball point guard skills
There is always a gap between theory and practice. According to what I said, everyone's 3 is more than 80%. After all, street basketball is a technical job. People are not computers. There will always be mistakes. Both brain and hand can happen. So if you can reach more than 60% without cardSkills of shooting guard in street basketball
My average score now is 15 Cap 1.7 steals, 1.5 Ah. As long as we can win. What's wrong with being an assistant SG? In this way, we are 3 points more accurate than PG and have assists. There is a hat in the. And break. Do you think that you will choose PG or SG for 3v3?. As long as the comprehensive ability is goodShooting guard skills of street basketball (to be comprehensive)
I think the landlord must feel that he can't find a gap when dealing with experts. In fact, he passes more, uses speed to get rid of the opponent's defense, finds a gap, and achieves "I pass when there is no gap, and I score when I get a gap". Street basketball point guard skillsWhen the opponent is also a defender, he should pass more, but the pass error rate in this game is not highWhat skills should street basketball point guards Street basketball point guard skillslearn
As for shooting, just sell a quick score. Don't buy SG. It's not only because there are many shooting methods. If you ask why you only buy quick scoresWhat skills do street basketball point guards learn
Required skills (in order of level): SS, face up, pouncing, QE, quick defense, backward dribble, fake action, James' withdrawal. Free: Lightning steals, back sliding shovels, changing hands to roll the ball. Some shooting moves are selected according to personal preferences, but my suggestion is that male SGS do not need to learnStreet basketball shooting guard essential skills! Look for expert advice
。 The 3-point pose is just the farmer's pose. Other postures.. For example, what Miller moment, fast score, completely follow the hat. Although these three skills can make the other party's early hat less than the hat, they are used to find the hat when pulling away.. That skill is usually a slow pat on the hat, so it's best not toWhat skills should a street basketball point guard learn
Skills: throwing ball, SS, w-stick Street basketball point guard skillsdefense, retreat step, James' retreat step FS: changing hands on the back, rolling ball, lightning steals with slots can add more tricks to score, such as throwing the ball for 2 points, leaning back for 2 points, etc. it is not recommended to install any 3-point actionHow do street basketball point guards learn skills
Skills: 1 Face up 2. Puck 3 Back dribble 4 SS pass 5 Tilt back CIC or tilt back 3 points fs:1 Alternate back dribble 22 Miller moment 3 One hand throw 4 Sliding interception 5 Bounce (jump shot) this is now the mainstream SG installation method. Note:
What are the necessary skills for a street basketball point guaStreet basketball point guard skillsrd
In fact, SG above 16 has a lot of skills to install. The best thing is to buy a skill slot, so there is a large choice. Finally, I would like to advise you that basketball is a game for three people. Don't press a (not excluding one)
Street basketball point guard skills

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