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Street basketball hat

2022-06-22 20:06American street basketball
Summary: Street basketball hat catching skillsBlock shot skill → dunk part fHow to practice hats in street basketballA big part of this is that you need to play more games to find out the rhythm. Take shooti
Street basketball hat catching skills
Block shot skill → dunk part f
HoStreet basketball hatw to practice hats in street basketball
A big part of this is that you need to play more games to find out the rhythm. Take shooting for example. Shooting can be divided into close shots and long shots (including 3 points). No matter what kind of shooting, it is easy to take risks. The skills are all taken off when he takes the shot. It's usually someone who blocks youHow to cover a C hat in street Street basketball hatbasketball
Can a center's ability reach 100 seconds? Can't I have a second hat at level 1? The second hat doesn't have much ability. As long as the other party presses d to attack, you can cap him if he doesn't move. As long as he presses D, he needs some practical experience. I'm not sure about the second hat. Play c
Street basketball hat problem
If you want to cover a prisoner of war, you must first know the dunk sequence of the opponent's PF. Now the dunk sequence of the opponent is generally an ordinary dunk. The prisoner of war is sideways. This is a standard close dunk. Then if you want to cover a prisoner of war, you must know what the opponent's next dunk is. If the opponent's next dunk is a prisoner of war, you must predict in advance. Otherwise, it is very difficult for the prisoner of war not to predictHow to master the blocks, positions and points of street basketball C
This can not be said in a word. C's ability to block shots is relatively strong, and its ability is related to factors such as hat sucking and chasing. Here I'll tell you some simple blocking skills, which are limited to novices: all dunks have the first chance, even ordinary dunks. Kirby and air walking are notHow does street basketball suck hats
There are no detailed steps to say that it's just a good time to block the hat. It's not far or near. Within the range of risk value, it feels like it's sucked. There's also a way to try to defend and press w d at the saStreet basketball hatme time. When you want to block the hat, Panasonic w will block the hat. It's the same as the original counter attack method. This is calledStreet basketball hat method
Dunk. It is generally divided into under basket and far buckle. Generally, there are three types of dunks under the basket. They are ordinary dunks and take off after a while. Tomahawk, this requires a high degree of concentration. As long as your response is not slow and your ability is not low, you can generally take it, but there is also luck in it. Sideways, this method is the same as above, but the person who leaves the dunkAbout hats in street basketball
That's no use. Watch him turn around and prepare to throw the ball with one hand. Mind!! Here comes the hat point. When the ball is released, release W and press DD quickly. The success rate is goodAll kinds of hat points and skills of street basketball please thank you
After the revision, C's ability to block shots has been grStreet basketball hateatly enhanced. C, who used to have 2.0+ caps, can now basically reach 3.0. The key to block shots in the restricted area is not to be overlapped. It is very difficult to block shots after re positioning. This is also the current bug of the game, especially when defending C and PF want to play the basket, they should not be overlapped by a and WWhere are all the cap points of C in street basketball
Hat layup, 2 farthest positions on the front, 90 degree feet with the opponent on the side, slightly sideways, 1 half body position. Hat 3 steps, front 2 half body positions, side 90 degree angle. It is the longest distance that a close shot can reach behind the opponent's arm. The rest is similar to a layup. CIC is the same as the close shot
Street basketball hat

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