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Street basketball costume street basketball costume

2022-06-26 00:14American street basketball
Summary: How to dress up in street basketballWhat does it mean to dress up? Ability distribution: top +9 3 points, pants +9 rebounds, shoes +9 bounces. It's not expensive. 30 yuan a month is enoughStreet ba
How to dress up in street basketball
What does it mean to dress up? Ability distribution: top +9 3 points, pants +9 rebounds, shoes +9 bounces. It's not expensive. 30 yuan a month is enough
Street basketball dress up
A 12 day garment will become a 400 point roll after 120 point rolls have been added attributes. The point roll equipment does not necessariStreet basketball costume  street basketball costumely have a time limit (permanent abilitStreet basketball costume  street basketball costumey equipment). The permanent ability equipment only has clothes for level 1. The attributes are added less and only one ability is added, but the use time is unlimited. Choose by yourself. How do I know your dress requirementsHow to dress up and use street basketball (guard)
For defenders, wear r-head, eye patch, bear gloves and black socks. Add the jacket, bear pajamas, 25J + 9 3 points + 3 layups. Pants wear fancy pants 25J + 9 steals + 3 rebounds. Shoes wear regular boots 25J + 9 running + 3 bouncing. Take another three minutesThe dress of ordinary characters in street basketball can special characters wear it
Yes, ordinary characters can wear special decorations, but ordinary characters can't wear special and unique decorations
Street basketball pf ability dress up recommendation
When pf hits 33, there is no need to have an absolute dominant performance at the blue board level. (the premise is that your team has a strong c) as a 33 mile pf expert, you should first make your team's C have a more comfortable position for grabbing the board, rather than fighting for a good position with your own CKneeling for the dress of street basketball
Say... Everyone has a different point of view,.. And it's hard to say what your character looks like in street basketball. It depends on what position you play. I'll give you some suggestions (see what you mean, don't Street basketball costume  street basketball costumeyou mind the price? In fact, there is little difference between expensive and cheaper clothes of the same level)Street basketball C
A hiphop dress with bright colors, shorts, white shoes, hairstyle, casual matching, suit and night King
How does the street basketball girl pf look good
Wear cute, baby face is suitable for cute dress. The clothes should be pink and delicate, plus some lovely decorations. You said you didn't have to worry about clothes. I recommend some cute decorations. For gloves, I think the cute little bear cotton gloves are very cute. If you don't wear hornsHow to dress up Street basketball costume  street basketball costumeVenus, a special female role in street basketball
Personally, Venus' skin is quite white. It should be a character who can control all kinds of clothes. Moreover, it is smaller than Alice and other characters' forehead. It is best to match it with some dark hair. If there is spare money (black cat king, etc.), another way is to open a full-scale account to regenerate ordinary charactersDoes street basketball have a permanent look? Please be more specific
Yes, but only when there are activities during the Spring Festival. Generally, they have permanent +1 hairstyles, gloves and other decorations. They have been out some time ago, but they should not be out in the near future. Taobao also has permanently added properties, but the price is frightening. It depends on your ability
Street basketball costume street basketball costume

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