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Street basketball maintenance

2022-06-27 10:02Street basketball live broadcast
Summary: Why can't I get in the street basketball and keep jumping out of the server for maintenanceFirst go to the announcement to determine whether the server is under maintenance. If it is not maintained
Why can't I get in the street basketball and keep jumping out of the server for maintenance
First go to the announcement to determine whether the server is under maintenance. If it is not maintained, check whether your client version is the latest, or the firewall has blocked street basketball. This should be the caseWhat time is street basketball maintained
Generally, routine maintenance is carried out every Tuesday without special announcements or activities. Generally, the maintenance starts at 10 a.m. and lasts about 2 hours. You can play around 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. The maintenance time in the old area (such as zone 1) will be longer because of the large capacityWhat time will street basketball be maintained today
Street basketball was maintained until 10:30 today. On July 24, the whole district stopped to update the version of street basketball 2008. At 10:30 yesterday (July 24), the whole district stopped to update and maintain. The maintenance time is expected to be 48 hours. After maintenance, the district will open the street basketball 2008 versionWhy is my street basketball in a maintenance state
I have encountered it before, because your original version of the lander is too low, and it Street basketball maintenancewill appear that it has been maintained. The recommended method is to delete the existing games and patches and download the latest client again. If it still fails, there seems to be a check Update button on the login interfaceStreet basketball total display server maintenance
Try to repair the problem of your client. Select the following in the region. I hope it will help youHow much time should street basketball be maintained
Generally speaking, the maintenancStreet basketball maintenancee time of zone 1 and zone 3 is long. Netcom takes a long time to maintain zone 2. The others are not long! The general maintenance time is on week 2 of each weekWhy can't I get in the street basketball? It always shows the server maintenance
Do you have a large area to choose when you open the streetball program? If not, you have clicked another streetball icon by mistake. If you enter normally and a maintenance prompt appears, click "check the integrity of the client" under the selected region, and then start until it has checked and upgradedHStreet basketball maintenanceow can street basketball be maintained
Players ~ street basketball will be regularly updated due to props updating and experience doubling ~ that is, maintenance ~ it is usually maintained at 10:3 a.m. on Tuesday ~ in case of special circumstances, such as the world cup holiday, the time will be changed ~ sometimes it will be temporarily maintained due to unexpected circumstances ~ it can't be accessed during maintenance ~ NoWhy does street basketball always maintain
Hehe ~ good question ~ according to my analysis ~ there are several reasons ~ therStreet basketball maintenancee are many people taking breaks during the recent Festival ~ there are many people playing games ~ so their servers should be updated frequently ~ new props should be provided ~ they can't be provided at one time ~ if they need to be provided at one time, there is too much time ~ online data while street basketball is affected ~ there are bugs they can repair ~ streetWhy does street basketball always show that it doesn't work to download it again during maintenance
This is very common. 1. Maybe the server is really being maintained. 2. If the official website does not explicitly notify the server to maintain, please enter it several times. I have also encountered this. Just enter it several times. In addition, don't open a fast tour
Street basketball maintenance

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