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Street basketball Ophelia

2022-06-28 12:02Street basketball live broadcast
Summary: Street basketball what is Ophelia suitable forIt is suitable to switch to SF, but it is also OK to switch to PF, but it is not as strong as Micah. It is better to play pf or Micah. In fact, what to sw
Street basketball what is Ophelia suitable for
It is suitable to switch to SF, but it is also OK to switch to PF, but it is not as strong as Micah. It is better to play pf or Micah. In Street basketball Opheliafact, what to switch to is based on your own hobbies, mainly because your skills should be in place. Only in this way can you play well
Benefits of transferring Ophelia, a special role in street basketball, to PF (request for comprehensive analysis)
Ophelia, you can tell by her ability. CIC is accurate, so if she switches to PF, it will be more lethal in the medium and long distance. And she is beautiful!! Great. In fact, Mika and she have a few gaps in jumping and rebounding, but only a few points. Buying equipment can make up a littleWhat are the ability values of SF and PF of level 15 in street basketball? What should Ophelia transfer
Ability is not a key, important position! PF is better than SF. No one doubts this, so I recommend you switch to PF. Ophelia is a woman. Turning to SF suffers in shooting posture. AltStreet basketball Opheliahough men and women have the same shooting speed, women are weak in shooting and do not feel like running... And women are also suitable for turning to PFStreet basketball Ophelia
The ability bonus of Ophelia is rebounding, blocking, shooting in the middle, and three points. It is relatively better to turn to SF pf because there is no bounce. If you want to transfer to PF, you'd better use MicahWhat is Ophelia's pf 45 ability value in street basketball? Can pf increase by 4 seconds
After Ophelia switched to PF, she didn't know whether the 45 ability was higher than Micah, but I can definitely tell you that all PF can't be higher than 4 seconds. Male PF can only be higher than 3 seconds. At present, only Micah is higher than female PF. If you want to be higher than female PF, you can only change the ability prop or +9 wings
Street basketball Ophelia's job transfer... Details inside
Turn to SF. Ophelia turns to SF more quickly than Xiao Rui. It's good to jump high and throw 3 points. Turning to PF is not as good as turning to SF. Because Mika PF is already the strongest special female PF, there is no need to collide. SF is also easier to use. After all, it's better than Xiao Rui in some places... Since you don't know what to transferWhat is Ophelia's pf 45 ability value in street basketball
Level 45 Ou Fei has no trainingStreet basketball Ophelia ability. There are 4 levels of training. Each level has +1 ability point. Full training is equivalent to full ability +4
Which of Francis and Ophelia of street basketball turns to SF
SF is absolutely good at using Francis, and its ability to score three points is higher than others. Anyway, SF is better at the data it is good at, and he is also worse at the worse ones (such as block shots). Ophelia doesn't stand out in particular. Pf chooses Micah. SF chose Francis. Believe me. I have bought all the special people. Personally experiencedWhich is better, Ophelia or Eun
In terms of ability, Yu en is the strongest PF. Even if his rebounds are only 2 points less than those of Mika, he is only 1 point less if he chooses the highest. Yu en is 1,2 points better than Mika in blocking and running Ophelia is low except for the mid shot and 3 points, which are 4 points lower than Micah and 2 points lower than JonStreet basketball Ophelia dress
Fashion girl hairstyle. If you want to be cStreet basketball Opheliaomprehensive, you can buy bulk, that is, shirts, pants, shoes, or highlight the rebounds and physical confrontation, then you can buy a suit. Generally, the shirts are added with medium shots, dunks, pants and rebounds, shoes and physical confrontation, and the general 3v3 PF is not added
Street basketball Ophelia

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