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What axis does street basketball use

2022-06-24 07:25Street basketball live broadcast
Summary: It's good to play street basketball with TTCThe red axis has been touched several times. I think it is a light version of the black axis. I am paragraph sensitive, so I won't comment. It's pr
It's good to play street basketball with TTC
The red axis has been touched several times. I think it is a light version of the black axis. I am paragraph sensitive, so I won't comment. It's pretty good overall. It doesn't matter what game you play or what axis you use. It's good to press it comfortably. To be honest, go to an entityWhat is the best keyboard for street basketball? Only choose between thunder snake and cherry. Specify which one (latest
In fact, the most important thing is to see the individual. Personally, I prefer thunder snake. First of all, it's cool. Things from the lamp factory are never frustrated. The second is that the keyboard of the thunder snake feels very good. I am using the black widow war memorial version myself. The third is that the things of the lamp factory seem to be changed every yearWhat axis of mechanical keyboard is good for playing free basketball? Please recommend one
The black axis mechanical keyboard used in competitive games is better. The black axis has fast response, large pressure grams and is not easy to touch by mistake. I use the ek835 mechanical keyboard of daryou, which is not bad
Which is more suitable for street basketball, the red axis or the tea axis
In this way, it is better to operate the direction keys frequently. Of course, from the perspective of most people, it may not represent your hand feeling. It is recommended that you go to the physical store to try. Even if you can't try the axis you want, you can try the same type of axis
What axis mechanical keyboard is suitable for street basketball games
The bond path of the black axis is 0 shorter than that of the red axisPlaying street basketball, mechanical keyboard, black axis, red axis or tea axis? Specific to the operation feel, such as group
When playing RTS games, individuals prefer the black axis with a certain sense of paragraph, and the black axis is triggered by 1.5mm. Of course, it doesn't mean that the red axis can't be hit. Of course, the tea shaft can also be used~ In general, both red axis and tea axis can be competent for the above games. The red axis is a comprehensive keyboard, which can do anythingStreet basketball I mainly play C, please recommend and keyboard, what axis of mechanical keyboard is good_ Baidu knows
To be honest, this game has nothing to do with the keyboard. Just buy it if you like. It is recommended to enter the green shaft for the first time. The green shaft has the most mechanical feelingWhat axis mechanical keyboard is the best for playing street basketball
How many questions do you ask a day
Which is better for playing street basketball, tea or red
Don't buy the green axis. It will take you a long time to get used to street basketball before you can recover your strength. The red axis and the tea axis are both soft axes, which are straight up and down, with a little sense of paragraph. It's really hard to say what you like about this kind of thing
I just play street basketball and want to buy a PLU mechanical storm keyboard, but What axis does street basketball useI don't know which axis to buy, not
First of all, you can buy a black axis or a tea axis. It mainly depends on the time you play each time. The black axis is the most appropriate. However, the black axis has a large number of grams of pressure, which makes it more difficult to press. If you play street basketball, which is a game with frequent buttons, you can play it for more than 2 hours at a time (your body is not connected, and 2 hours is just my personal experience)
What axis does street basketball use

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