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Street basketball headdress decorative box

2022-06-24 09:03Street basketball live broadcast
Summary: Where did the street basketball crown headdress come fromYou can buy boxes and decorative boxes in the prop mall! But the probability of withdrawal may not be very great! There is also smoking on the
Where did the street basketball crown headdress come from
You can buy boxes and dStreet basketball headdress  decorative boxecorative boxes in the prop mall! But the probability of withdrawal may not be very great! There is also smoking on the official website. Now I don't know if there is any more. Have a look! The box has burst the crown. It's your luckHow did you get the street basketball sheep head headdress? I've never seen it in the mall
In the welfare mall As long as you recharge 1 yuan, you will have 10 welfare points to spendOn the magic headdress in street basketball
Yes, it is. The increased abilities of monster headgear will be superimposed. It is very practical to wear monster headgear in 3-on-3 competitionsStreet basketball about accessories
The position of the headdress occupied by the horn is black single wing. I don't remember whether it is the hand position or Street basketball headdress  decorative boxthe head position. The reverse corner and red leaf can only carry three equipment slots. One is the headdress, one is the hanStreet basketball headdress  decorative boxd or back, and the other is the position of the waist and some special items
What is the use of fruit heads in street basketball
The fruit headdress is actually the same as the previous mouse treasure box. You can open your own props bar. There is a "special" item in it, and there are pets in it. Each headdress corresponds to a pet. The "fruit headdress" can be equipped by yourself, or you can feed the pets in the special item in the props bar, and you will be rewarded, just likeHow to use the devil headdress of street basketball
In the special 780 coupons in the prop mall, if you choose 12 days +3 ability, 390 coupons, and 30 days is 780 coupons. You can only see it without adding ability. It's useless. This monster headdress can add attributes of different abilities to the Triangle dragon suit headdress, but it cannot add attributes of the same ability. Pay attention to thisStreet basketball headdress problem
Some people bring French hedgehogs well
Street basketball PG monster headdress
Yes, as a PG, running, dribbling and 3 points are very important. After all, the most important thing for PG is to organize the attack. It's ok if you prefer to score
Street basketball headwear and headgear
There is no difference between the two with 3 points of ability. However, the triangle faucet and the headdress (commonly known as the horn) can be brought together. In this case, the price of the street ball will go up every month. However, few people who buy the triangle faucet are willing to buy a VIP for one month, and all the abilities are +2. I hope you can understand ~Can street basketball triangle headgear and monster headgear beStreet basketball headdress  decorative box used at the same time
It can be used at the same time, but the same ability cannot be superimposed. You can choose two abilities, such as rebounds +3 and blocks +3, which can exist at the same time. In addition, it should be noted that each character can only be equipped with 3 kinds of ability decorations at the same time. If more than 3 kinds of abilities are exceeded, they will not work, that is, after wearing the triangle faucet cover and the monster headdress
Street basketball headdress decorative box

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