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Street basketball direction

2022-06-23 14:02Street basketball match
Summary: How to judge the direction of street basketball playersThe left hand holds the ball to the left and vice versa (this seems to be the identification method of back 2). Now, who wants God a? Laugh, just
How to judge the direction of street basketball players
The left hand holds the ball to the left and vice versa (this Street basketball directionseems to be the identification method of back 2). Now, who wants God a? Laugh, just stick to him and press the w all the time. Then he won't get an A and the ball will fall off
How to control the direction of street basketball dream
Don't big dreams go from left to right? You can use big dreams twice. Can't you control the direction? Two big dream methods: first, take big dream and turn around, then press w (JUE buttocks) under the basket, and then release W. at this time, big dream appearsDo you need to press the direction key for rebounding in street basketball
Of course you should. First of all, you should lock the position, determine the flight direction of the ball, and then press the direction key. If you can hold it for seconds, you can hold it directly for seconds. It is mainly to lock the flight direction of the ball. Not a card
How to press the direction key when pitching in street basketball
It doesn't matter whether you said it right or not. When you answered the question, you didn't forget to send the information of the liarHow to use the direction key when throwing a 3-pointer in street basketball
I am a level 37 PG (not hanging), and the 3-point hit rate is about 55%. The main shooting methods are fixed-point shooting, back 2, reverse running, pick and roll, etc. in my opinion, the direction key should be used, but it still depends on the timing. If it is a fixed-point shooting, there is no need to press the directioStreet basketball directionn. If you run from the inside outWhich key is the street basketball direction key
The specific direction depends on how you face the backboard. Generally, the up, down, left and right controls the direction of your running, but pay attention to keep facing the backboard to judge the direction. As for the virtual and real turn, what you need to do is to join you. Now you are facing the backboard face to face. You should press the down key in the direction key, then press the W, and then press the next WHow to judge the breakthrough direction of street basketball
Pay attention to his movements. Back 2 usually jumps left, right, left and right. (left and right refers to which direction he leans); The same goes for right first. However, if it is SG, he may use backward, that is, shake it left and right, jump it and dribble it back. And with super luck, commonly known as big back
How to use the street basketball direction key? What's the difference between pressing d once and often when shooting
Of course, the direction key controls the direction. Is it a breakthrough to add the direction key with a. Personally, I don't feel very good when I press D, but it won't make a big difference. It varies from person to personStreet basketball, how to judge the direction of the second back
Recitation 2 is difficult to judge. If he is under A2, it is the opposite direction of the first swing. This depends on the experience and on-the-spot reflection. There's nothing he can do if he gets an A. you know, it's ok if he doesn't get an a. But if PG is super, it will be over. At this time, we have to judge each other's psychology. To put it bluntly, we canHow to judge the direction ofStreet basketball direction shaking people in street basketball
Let's say that the simplest skill without any skills is the most primitive example of passing people: the other party is 3 steps away from you and is in front of you on the right (whether he presses w or not). At this time, you can press a at the same time → and then immediately press ← to shake the other party down. You can try to find a friend. On the contrary, you can also have the oppStreet basketball directiononent defend closely
Street basketball direction

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