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Street basketball match

Street basketball problem don't get excited

2022-06-23 17:01Street basketball match
Summary: Street basketball problem!!! HurryDon't get excited. This is the problem of Tianyou. Well... How to say. Tianyou means you can't always win or lose. Sometimes you can see a set of peasant costum
Street basketball problem!!! Hurry
Don't get excited. This is the problem of Tianyou. Well... How to say. Tianyou means you can't always win or lose. Sometimes you can see a set of peasant costumes and a set of ability disguised as all kinds of insults. That's it. Sometimes you can get in as much as you can, even if there are defenders in front of you. What's super far? 3 pointsOn the game of street basketball
The function of F is comprehensive Both attack and defense must be prepared The higher the rebound The higher the point where you can grasp the board But for F No matter what, you can't be higher than C Call 3v3 F is not the main position to hold the plate It's a patch Where C is out of reach So it can be raised very high if not used Bounce is f's strong point The higher you bounceSeveral problems of street basketball
First: when catching the ball, you can fake throw, and you can walk around. The second fake throw can't move any more. This is the basic rule, and street basketball is no exception. Second: the position is not the most important. The most important thing is to master the highest point and cooperate with high jumping ability. You can get the ball at a distance. That is to say, he isThe problem of street basketball
I guess you're not fit to finish g. when I first started playing on the street, I was with la Ji G has been playing for a year, and the winning rate is only 33. Like you, I also asked how to run backwards without being covered and how to run in position. It's useless for G to play C. It turned out to be famous. My average blue board is
Street basketball problems
Don't look at other people's answers. They are all introduced to you by the skills of the skills store. Take a closer look at my introduction: SS means that thStreet basketball problem  don't get excitede passer can pass the ball in advance, that is, pass the ball to an empty position, and your receiving teammate runs a distance to get the ball you pass to him, that is, the receiver can run to catch the ballThe problem of street basketball
When opening a room, it's best to call the one who can brush the score (so as not to be disturbed by someone who can't), and then choose 3v3, the whole audience When they are all in the game, let one of the players take the ball to attack, and the others can go and sit aroundStreet basketball game problem
Street basketball in other countries. SF is a favourite.Street basketball problem  don't get excited In Chinese sStreet basketball problem  don't get excitedtreet basketball, SF is an outcast! This is really sad enough! SF is generally used in 3v3 to assist SG and PG scores. When they are prevented from dying, you must stand up. CIC, 3 points, Overlord step, dunk, fake actionQuestions about street basketball
5. The detailed operations are as follows: after a + left / right or right / left a and then f, the left / right DD directly makes a volley without stopping. You can also Jay dance step followed by the virtual and real pre action (ball frame reverse direction +w) and stop for half a second before the left / right DD or take three layups 7Street basketball problem
The female character plays a little faster than the male. A man's ability is higher than that of a woman. That's the difference. As for fat and thin, personal feeling is only your own aesthetic problem. There is nothing fixed which is betterSome problems about street basketball
But this involves many problems. If the pass is fast, the pass will be more timely, and the frequency of nice past will certStreet basketball problem  don't get excitedainly be higher. Nice past will increase the hit, and it will be easier to get assists. Dribbling: this actually affects the speed of the racket. If you look carefully, you will find that PG rackets are very fast and rhythmic
Street basketball problem don't get excited

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