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Street basketball returns

2022-06-23 17:01Street basketball match
Summary: Can old street basketball players buy level 31 skills with the return skill couponI can't remember clearly. It seems that you can't buy level 40. You can buy level 31. If you can't buy skill
Can old street basketball players buy level 31 skills with the return skill coupon
I can't remember clearly. It seems that you can't buy level 40. You can buy level 31. If you can't buy skill vouchers that will prompt, you can also buy other ones
Return of old street basketball players
The account was registered before January 1, 2008, and has not been online from January 1, 2008 to January 7, 2009 (1 year +7 days). That is, you can't get it without logging in to the game. You can only get it from the area with characters. You can't get it if you activate it now
How long is the street basketball contract? I want to return
Shanghai Tianyou is really a mess. Most of the street basketball activities still haven't got what they want after spending money. They haven't been updated in web design and warehouse pages for many years. It's impossible to do it if tStreet basketball returnshey have been operating carelessly for more than 10 years and haven't made any money. They should not go bankrupt in oneortwo yearsReturn of old street basketball players
It's true that 300 yuan is given, but there is a quota limit. If so many people in the whole district rob it together, if you are not professional, the probability of grabbing it is not high. It is much less now than before. It is rare to see oneortwo trumpets hanging occasionally. If you open your own swims on the street, you should not get stuck. Will give so many things. NoHow long will it take for free basketball to return to the player
If you return in two weeks or eight days, you can get the return gift bag. If the strongest NBA lucky value is 100, it will cost 8000 diamonds. If it is five times, it will cost 360*20=7200 diamondsStreet basketball returns to the future. How many abilities do soldiers add
All ability values +0
Enter the street basketball and return to the golden spot
You must wear all the props you need to collect. Remember to wear them. Otherwise, if you can't get in, you will have Archangel wings, but they are uglyWhat can street basketball players get from their return activities
1. It must be Street basketball returnsnecessary to buy graffiti. It is also one of the places that spend the most diamonds. How much do you buy? It's very simple. It depends on how much money you are going to charge and how many diamonds you have. If there are many diamonds, it can be 5 times in a row; If you are a civilian first charge player, save some diamonds for 5 times, and then save diamonds to buy fashionWhat props are needed for the return of street basketball to classic activities? What's the name of the prop
First enter the prop mall hairstyle: FS sports hat (white top: towel short sleeved Pants: patch casual pants (it seems that it is called purple shoes: special running shoes (the above white ones can be directly bought or given away without changing the color). Decoration: left arm D-type hand guard (the white one needs to change the color, and then you return to your area
High scores! Street basketbalStreet basketball returnsl returns to classic. What are the clothes inside
One pair of special white running shoes 1000, one pair of patch casual pants 1000, left arm wrist guard D-type 1000, a towel clothes 1050 12 days, FS sports hat 1000, wear it and go back to the claStreet basketball returnsssic channel
Street basketball returns

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