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Street basketball Mantis not much better

2022-06-23 20:02Street basketball match
Summary: How about a street basketball MantisNothing to look at. Ability is not much better. If you want to play F. The most fun MikaNew role of street basketball MantisNini's ability is more biased, and th
How about a street basketball Mantis
Nothing to look at. Ability is not much better. If you want to play F. The most fun MikaNew role of street basketball Mantis
Nini's ability is more biased, and the mantis board hat is more average
Which special role does street basketball C choose
Even if you don't get stuck in the plank room, ah Wu's ability is definitely advantageous. And it's easier to suck than other characters. For example, if I use the empty and solid under the basket, if I push female C, she won't come back. Ah Wu can do whatever you want. He can easily suck it back and talk about the "mantis"Which is better, ah Wu and mantis in street basketball C
Jianyi uses ah 5. The mantis I play now is sometimes obviously not as strong as ah 5. A-wu has a large character module and covers a large area. As far as the rebounding position is concerned, A-wu should be selected. But the technology is good enough to ignore this. In the past, I also played inside, mainly grabbing boards. Now playing mantis, if the opponent a Wu's skill is not very highStreet basketball Mantis how many ability seconds high 2
The 98,56 ability is just two seconds high. It's your technical problem that the second is less than two seconds. I can demonstrate it to you with the 36 level apple. There's no problem with the 99 board 56 second high jump. The average woman's c-second ability is 99,58, and the special woman's c-second ability is 98,56. This ability is recognized. If a woman's c-second ability is threeStreet basketball, ah Wu and Mantis. The better one. I'm a novice
First of all, your question isStreet basketball Mantis  not much better very contradictory. Ah Wu and Mantis play the samStreet basketball Mantis  not much bettere number. Now ah Wu is in trouble. It's better that mantis is a new character. But if you like female C's 38 shooting, you can buy ah Wu to increase ah Wu's comparative advantage ~! Because the value is the same, the selling point of this female C isThe advantages and disadvantages of street basketball C aremon, mantis and Nini
You know you want to buy character training c? Personally, I have been playing for 4 years. First of all, ah Wu is the best player. Scoring under the basket is suitable for 33 comparisons. Raymond is more neutral. Nini is the king of female characters. 33. The mantis just bounces betterStreet basketball female C special role mantis, Nini or apple which is better
Mantis is is equivalent to the female version of ah Wu. Nini is short in body and arms and has poor ability to block hats. She is not the mainstream. Apple has better ability and is more suitable for playing center. It is recommended to choose apples to match clothesStreet basketball, the special role of C
Because she is really not strongStreet basketball Mantis  not much better at blocking. Compared with ah Wu or mantis, she is relatively eStreet basketball Mantis  not much betterxcellent. There are a lot of problems about the ability of rebounding. In the game, her teammates can make up for this perfectly. Although her ability is a little lower than Nini, her height advantage is more obvious. I have seen ah Wu's stopboardStreet basketball FS annini, mantis, and several other new characters C, and the ability of ordinary character c
In fact, the attribute of the Korean clothing mantis is higher than that of a Wu, but the national clothing a Wu is better than that of the mantis. If you don't buy a special one, black fat C is good and has momentum. Ha ha
Street basketball Mantis not much better

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