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Street basketball match

Street basketball tangerine tangerine attack sharp

2022-06-23 20:03Street basketball match
Summary: Street basketball tangerine Apple Strawberry who is suitable for SFI think strawberry F, tangerine g, apple C. Tangerine attack sharp, 3 points accurate, of course you play 33sf only throw 3 can try.
Street basketball tangerine Apple Strawberry who is suitable for SF
I think strawberry F, tangerine g, apple C. Tangerine attack sharp, 3 points accurStreet basketball tangerine  tangerine attack sharpate, of course you play 33sf only throw 3 can try. Apple has high defensive ability, which is suitable for C. Strawberries bounce prominently, PF is far from the button, so it is not explainedWho is the most suitable character for SF in street basketball
SF can not be said to be the most suitable, because there are three suitable. Except for Micah's bounce, the rebounds are higher than ordinary roles. The other three are all medium shots, with 3 points higher, but lower rebounds; The most suitable for PF is undoubtedly Micah; From the point of view of hat and board, the first choice is ah Wu and Ma En Juan Si, while the 178cm Nini hat is lower than ordinary charactersStreet basketball tangerine to PF line
It's very good. Her running, medium pitch and 3 points are all very accurate. When you are at grade 30, you can use it as SF when you buy the ability pack. You can kill at the critical moment. Anyway, PF is mainly about the ball. The key is that I think tangerine is very cute. Hey hey~
What roles can the street basketball role change card change
. New changes: wuminjun, winter moon moye, spring millennium, autumn mubayun, Charlotte, Pippen, wuxiaopang, iceberg, magic Howard, Venus, Lisa, Garcia, coco, phantom bear, Jiang Malu, Shu Hao, Duncan, Jack, antwan, liyouran, fan Aixin. Introduction to street basketballAnyone who has played tangerine in street basketball can come in and talk about it, no matter what profession
I play PF. Now I am at level 40. I feel a little different from Micah. First of all, tangerine is higher than Micah (without changing the height of gemstones), (the corresponding bounce is a little less than Micah), so when playing 33, it will be more comfortable to grab the ball divided by the center. Moreover, tangerine is more accurate in shooting. After switching to PF, it will be more comfortableStreet basketball special character tangerine
PG, in fact, as long as B2 A is good, God horses are floating clouds. 163's height makes running, dribbling and three-point ability higher than other characters So as long as the control is good, it is actually very simple, G B2, PG change direction, SG James With more practice, it is impossible to grow up in being abusedStreet basketball tangerine ability
AbsolutelyStreet basketball tangerine  tangerine attack sharp, but you have to wait a little longer. If you buy ability clothes, there are moreStreet basketball tangerine  tangerine attack sharp suits with the ability to increase movement speed and shooting ability. If you loose them (I recommend), they are not only good-looking, but also have more ability. (tops: shooting ability; pants: dribbling, rebounding and stealing; shoes: running and bouncing). YouStreet basketball tangerine
If you want to be a SF, it must be 174 or less. It doesn't include the special ability of tangerine. It doesn't matter. The dribble is high. The average three-point dunk shot is high. It seems that it's 2. It's nothing. B. that's it. It's fun to be skilled. After all, this is a competitive game. Although it depends on abilityStreet basketball special role tangerine play what occupation has the most advantage
To be honest, tangerine is a profession with all-round offensive ability and all-round defensive ability, which means that it is most suitable for SF and SG who have strong offensive desire but have defective defense (SF is the worst in terms of internal defense, so it is unnecessary to add 1 or 2 points of ability, which is the strongest in terms of external defense
Who is the most suitable person for PG? Which is best for SG? Which is suitable for SF? Which is suitable for
Tangerine is not suitable for the center. The 190cm tangerine is lower than the confrontation, rebounds and blocks of ordinary roles; Forward tangerine is also suitable for SF. The 3-point medium shots are a few points higher than ordinary ones, and the rebounds and blocks are low; Guard kumquat, 3 points high, steals low; In WG, Yu Bin is the most suitable one for C to strengthen the public ability of running and blocking
Street basketball tangerine tangerine attack sharp

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