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2022-06-23 20:03Street basketball match
Summary: How to pass the street basketballKill him with your eyes first, and then make some fake moves... Pass himHow to use street basketball fancy skill poolFancy skills are randomly selected. You can instal
HStreet basketball Libraryow to pass the street basketball
Kill him with your eyes first, and then make some fake moves... Pass himHow to use street basketball fancy skill pool
Fancy skills are randomly selected. You can install Curie's shooting in the skill slot. Don't take other shooting actions. In this way, Curie's shooting probability will be higherStreet basketball skills: break through and retreat
Break, stop, jump shot! A three-point hit, a winner! Breaking through and retreating is one of the necessary means for sg/sf scoring. Players who often watch the NBA must be very familiar with this skill. The 3-point magic library often relies on high-speed running and backward steps to throw a winning 3-point ball. Follow Xiaobian to see how to reasonably use this skill in street basket. StreetWho can have 2.08 meters and 340 kilograms, and O'Neill is not as fat as him
Troy Jackson is the younger brother of Mark Jackson. He is a famous street basketball player in the UnitedStreet basketball Library States. His nickname is "ladder". His weight reaches 340 kg when he is the highest. However, Jackson can be called "the mosStreet basketball Libraryt flexible fat man in the world". He can run, pass and play like a guard, which is very enjoyable. UnfortunatelyStreet basketball rushes 150 to give special character bags. Where can I find the character bags
Didn't you get it at the bottom of the activity page? After entering the account and password, there will be a redemption ticket. When you redeem, you will select your own character. Then when you enter the game character, there will be a special character use bag in the prop library. If you don't have a special character you want to buy nowStreet basketball fear cloth
But the Bulls put him in that position, 7 '1 ", which was a waste. Especially now Eddie When curry is hard to play because of his heart, he will support the Bulls' inside line next year. Originally, the 10th place should belong to Eddie Curry, but his future is still in doubtWhat are the top street basketball players in the NBA
According to curry, when he was a child, he took white chocolate as his idol. No. 2: Marbury, the first foreign aid in CBA history, was called “ Son of New York ”, He grew up playing in the streets of New York, became the street king of Rock Park, and finally entered the NBA. In 2004, he returned to the New York Knicks to playWhy can't tattoos in the props Library of street basketball playground be equipped with games
It seems that mine was assembled the next day
Street basketball hand game auxiliary artifact
No, it's probably because the attribute is too high to despise your interference. It also has something to do with the feel of the hands. Eight of the ten head-on forced shots from curry and three of the ten empty positions are also in good and bad times. Two people are restricted by each other. They can guard two inside lines or small forwards at a time. If you can't, just give up. This oneStreet basketball, web shopping mall, and things in the warehouse have been sent to the game for a day. Why haven't you received themStreet basketball Library yet
First of all, are you sure it's in your library? Secondly, either the network problem or your operation is wrong. I didn't know how to get it before, so I really forgot how to do it. Excuse me
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