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Street basketball match

Street basketball SW teaching just add a-jian

2022-06-24 05:02Street basketball match
Summary: How to press SW WA for street basketballwa? Back turn dribble? Press and hold the W + basket direction key to make the character in the back dribble state and moving. Just add a keyHow about SW a of
How to press SW WA for street basketball
wa? Back turn dribble? Press and hold the W + basket direction key to make the character in the back dribble state and moving. Just add a key
How about SW a of street basketball? What do you mean by Wa
Wa is a method used by the guard to eliminate the inability to continue a within 3 seconds after you finish A. for example, if the opposite side does not fall down after you finish a, you w stick to him for a while, and then you can immediately continue A. wa also means skills, SF's
How to play street basketball SW game
SW should master breakthrough skills and be able to a but not greedy for a. Too many SW players lost a lot of opportunities because of excessive singles. Moreover, because SW takes layups as the scoring method, C generally does not give SW 3 points. This requires SW to go to a or run backwards to find opportunities. SW has weaker rebounds than SFHow to play street basketball SW
SW can move wirelessly all the time, and turn people into a, just like being drunk,. If you have time, you might as well take a look at this game called trump card duel. The happy boss mode loses skills together. You can change skills by changing equipment. There are so many ways to play the game. The capture mode is very novelHow to use the SW professional continuous passing move in the street basketball game? Street basketball SW teaching  just add a-jianIs the button awaf
First of all, you should have two skills: back turning and dribbling. There is also a SW and SF exclusive one whose name has been forgotten for a long time. The key sequence is: W back hit, direction key +a, release W key, release direction key for a short time (the ball stops for a long time, not too long), press direction key again when a key is not looseStreet basketball SW profession
SW has a skillful layup ability. His bounce is similar to that of PF. When he is over 30, he needs to make up 3 points. Pf's dunk is too far away to cover his hat. You can also absorb SW's layup if C is a little far away. Therefore, there are two additional differences in SW. 1. Rebound shoes, backboard pants and layup clothes. SW has a bounce comparable to PF, soHow to cover SW in street basketball
DS can't cover it. DS can only dunk. SW is all layups. Therefore, it basically takes seconds of DD to shoot with DD, just like the special trigger skill of d after passing the ball at the base and a directly layup at the inside of the guardBreakthrough of online game street basketball SW how to dribble in the future
Direction +a then release direction + direction +w push direction a+ there is still a lot of groping to connect
Street basketball SW must take a person skill explanation
I have played street basketball for 10 years. The only skill I must take is defending W. You can choose not to take the rest. It is the opponent who decides whether you can defeat him or not. The opponent is a dish. An ordinary passer-by can make him kneel infinitely. The good thing about the opponent's defense is that he is also standing there. SW has many excellent skills. Enhanced basic dribbleStreet basketball SW what skills to learn at the beginning
SW has high requirements for skills, which are basically necessary. It is best to have them all. It is best that the first coupon dunk is not added to the order of free skills. This must be. Of course, if you want to say whether you will be taken, how to say, there are too many people who can take this skill, just because it is out of order
Street basketball SW teaching just add a-jian

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