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Street basketball match

How about Duncan C in street basketball

2022-06-26 06:13Street basketball match
Summary: Street basketball is currently a level 50 ah Wu. I'm going to buy a new role change card. Ask senior players to help me identifyNo connotation. Ah Wu is the best special C~Is it better to play c fa
Street basketball is currently a level 50 ah Wu. I'm going to buy a new role change card. Ask senior players to help me identify
No connotation. Ah Wu is the best special C~
Is it better to play c fantasy male or Duncan in street basketball
Is that a question? Of course, Duncan. With the height of 200 times, there is no Duncan. Like Duncan, is there any comparability that the hat is worse than Duncan? Even though Duncan plays PF, his ability to play C still shines
How much is Duncan playing C in street basketball? What is the difference between 1.95 and 2.00? Thank you
The stopboard is only rHow about Duncan C in street basketballelated to the character's gender and ability (rebounding and bouncing). It has nothing to do with the height. The reason why some C choose 190 women is that they can move faster, can move and pick up their teammates in time, and can fill positions and take risks in time. However, Duncan's natural movement is much lower than that of ordinary people, so we should develop strengths and avoid weaknessesStreet basketball special role C which is good
If you like, you can choose the black one which is more handsome If you like the clean one with a little white face, you can choose the white and lovely one C's technology is mainly personal, and the fat man confrontation is OK It doesn't have to be special No one is invincible. Most of them are technology. There are good and badStreet basketball ordinary bean sprout C or Duncan
Decisive Duncan, Duncan C is in the forefront of dunking. Female C is really weak, except Aunt ChenIs Duncan better or Jack better for street basketball C
Cap C chooses Jack Duncan C Duncan is a perfect inside line! Whether from the perspective of C or PF, the ability is quite outstanding! Running doesn't do much for C! The street won't run as fast as you can because you run more than 2 points! The difference between Jack and Duncan when playing CDoes Duncan play c-hanging in street basketball
Broad and steady, fierce! Good ability
Street basketball Yuet C or Duncan C or Yuet pf Duncan pf which is better. Hard
It's OK to force you to spend money. As long as you are willing to spend money to stack your proprietary abilities, I think Yuet te C is harder to fight physically. I remember it seems that it is a little higher. Duncan is still PF. After all, jumping high is also suitable for PF
Which C is the best in street basketball with special interior lines
The first choice is leisurely, and the second choice is ah Wu. Youran is typical of thin C, and AWU is typical of fat C. The difference is that Youran is smaller, which is conducive to transposition. AWU is larger and more confrontational. If you are a novice, you should take it easy. C often has to face the situation of being beaten by the enemy 2 to 1. Its small size is conducive to moving and seizing the defensive position and side cards (strong anti suction). AgainWhich is better, Jack or Duncan, in street basketball
No doubt, Jack! What C wants is the ability to run against the hat. In addition, Duncan and Jack have the same ability to fight against the board, but Jack has two more runs and a little more blocks than Duncan
How about Duncan C in street basketball

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