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Street basketball match

Street basketball task

2022-06-27 04:38Street basketball match
Summary: What are all the special characters of street basketballFirst of all, Alice: the height ability of 1.68 meters is higher than that of 1.60 meters female g. the ability to run +1 steal +1 three-point b
What are all the special characters of street basketball
First of all, Alice: the height ability of 1.68 meters is higher than Street basketball taskthat of 1.60 meters female g. the ability to run +1 steal +1 three-point ball +2 (the reduced ability can basically be ignored). Other abilities are the same as that of 1.160-1.63 meters female g. the evaluation is that they belong to the U.S. team, so their height advantage is obvious The best candidate for SG at presentThere are several characters in street basketball
But remember that being a good g requires good judgment After level 1Street basketball task5, there are five classes (C, PF, SF, PG, SG) In the past, there were 3 classes (C, F, g) and many personas There are too many different looks, but it does not affect the ability value, but the height will affect the running powerWhat are the celebrities in the history of American street basketball
One such book is called "sweet&\39; pea and other playground Legends", and "sweet&\39; pea" is the nickname of Daniels. This book takes Daniels as the starting point to introduce the legendary basketball figures in the streets of New York. I was shocked when I opened the preface of this book, and I had to read it thoroughlyCompare the abilities of all special characters in street basketball to see which character has the most bugs
And mud mud, but the two characters are both girls. The ability of girls' second high board is very highWhat are the special characters of street basketball
A Wu (c) Francis (f) Alice (g) Raymond (c) Ophelia (f) Sigmund (g) Nini Mika Shaqi, Marne Stephanie and wonder girls
Who are the top ten legends of American street basketball
The street basketball court on Amsterdam Avenue was renamed "goat Park". (2) "Destroyer" - Joe hormond. Joe hormond is a new Yorker, nicknamed the destroyer. Joe Hammond is one of the most legendary figures in street basketball in the 1970s. Joe Hammond became famous as a teenagerIntroduce some street ball legends
American street basketball legend goat - "goat" Earl maccolt "the so-called street basketball legends are all blown out. Playing in the street without game attack and defense statistics, who knows what their real skills are? It's just a bunch of excessive myths
Who is the best person to choose for street basketball
The defender pushed Sigmund,Street basketball task the most powerful and skilled G. For the forward position, PF only recommends Mika, SF, Xianyi, Ou Fei and three male special players. In C, ah Wu focuses on the hat, and Nini focuses on the punching boardSpecial characters of street basketball
Hello, Nini. Nini is the strongest in special tasks ~ ~ if you don't want to play with women, choose ah Wu. Wonder gril is not bad, but it's a little disgusting. Anyway, I wish you a good time in sStreet basketball tasktreet basketball! Happy New Year 1
Who is the king of street basketball
In fact, most of the New York street basketball figures like Strickland and Marbury followed a regular basketball training path and broke into the NBA all the way
Street basketball task

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