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2022-06-27 04:55Street basketball match
Summary: How to add a street basketball teamStreet basketball is a sub club, not a team. After entering the game, there is the word "club" below. Click to enter to have specific affairs. If my help is he
How to add a street basketball team
Street basketball is a sub club, not a team. After entering the game, there is the word "club" below. Click to enter to have specific affairs. If my help is helpful to you, I am very glad. Your support is my driving force! If my is not clear enoughStreet basketball I joined the club how to create a team
Take a name 500 points The second in the lower left corner of the game is the elite team After entering, click on the lower right corner to establish a standing team Take a good name 500 o'clock roll It can be built Then invite 2 people in the club Elite team games can only be played in clubsWhat conditions do elite street basketball teams need to establish
Club elite team description the steps to create an elite team. First, the player who creates an elite team must be a memStreet basketball teamber of the club. Enter the elite team interface, click to create an elite team, enter the name of the elite team, and spend 500 coupons to create it successfully. Select the player you want to invite from the club member list and right-cStreet basketball teamlick to select inviteHow do street basketball elite team members quit the club
The option of leaving the club is hidden: log in to the account and enter the club page; Click "apply to join" on the club page; In the pop-up page, there is a login interface on the left. Click "re login". If the refresh fails, please click repeatedly until the display is normalHow can I join the elite street basketball team
First of all, you need to join a club. If no one approves you, you need to create a club yourself! (it was free to create a club at 51, but now it has expired, and 1000 coupons are required to create a club.) in the club, you can create an elite team, which requires 500 coupons, and you need to find two suitable teammatesHow to create a street basketball team
Elite team first, you must create a club, or join a club, and then form an elite team with three people in the same club. You can change the team if you create a 500 point three person team, but you are the captain of the elite team, and the other two can be changed! If you want to create your own club
WStreet basketball teamhat about the elite team of street basketball
The elite team is a club's game club vs club. There is no 2v2. Only the 3v3 League is among the top 500 clubs. To establish an elite team, first you want to join the club. It doesn't matter if you build it from time to time. As long as you do, you can. Then there should be 500 coupons (that is, 5 yuan) in your accountStreet basketball team questions, high scores
It should be that the level is relatively low. It is better to contact the president of the club and ask him. Sometimes some clubs need to take an exam instead of adding it at will. Contact the President more and send him a noteHow does street basketball join clubs and elite teams
After logging in the game, there will be many selection items at the bottom of the screen. Click the club and select the club you want to join. The elite team can be created after joining the club. Click the icon of the elite team and select Create the elite team. A purchase confirmation will appear, costing 500 points. You can create itWhat is the street basketball team
Elite team, there are 3 people in each group. The team with the highest accumulatedStreet basketball team points will be rewarded. Hehe, you can invite them directly from your friends
Street basketball team

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