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Street basketball suit cardigan

2022-06-23 01:25Street basketball video
Summary: What are the permanent suits for street basketballPermanent night king, trendy girl, Halley, mummy, black, Chinese team (bonus white), lovely milk, cardigan, gentleman, street, cardigan, FS star sport
What are the permanent suits for street basketball
Permanent night king, trendy girl, Halley, mummy, black, Chinese team (bonus white), lovely milk, cardigan, gentleman, street, cardigan, FS star sportswear, that's all. Hope you're satisfied
How can I get the permanent suit of street basketball, and other similar websites can be bought. They can also be bought in street ball games. They can also get money from many channels when holding activities. However, they all pay more than 250 yuan. If they think about 100 yuan, they are directly ignored by the film
Is there a permanent suit for street basketball
Now there are many permanent suits, and +11 permanent clothes and +9+3 permanent shoes can be created in the web mall. These clothes can only be bought in the hands of players. They can be bought with gemstones or on Taobao. It turns out that some permanent +7 suits and others in bulk are still available in the gameWhere can I buy a street basketball suit
During festivals, there are activities, such as the summer vacation or the Spring Festival, which launch a limited number of sets to rush to buy. Generally, Street basketball suit  cardiganthey are sold out at 8:00 and 8:01, so don't think about it. In addition, Taobao and other shopping websites are also sold by merchants. Most of them are expensive and cost-effective. At the same time, there are also many deceptive trapsStreet basketball masked Knight suit can only be worn by melon
Yes. This is the most suitable fashion match for melon at present. The attributes of the attacker and the defender can be taken into account. However, if you are an extreme attacker, you can change the pants fashion into a suit in exchange for the greatest anti blocking attribute, but the price of the suit is highWhat are the permanent sets of street basketball plus ability
Female) permanent +7+2 ability men's and women's general equipment naochun suit (LV1) permanent attribute 7 financial resources roller shoes (LV1) permanent +5 ability there are 25 levels of permanent suits in the online shop, all of which are +11+10, such as Chinese team uniforms, colorful and fashionable female mummiesStreet basketball what is a permanent suit
Gemstones sell their own things, and the points drawn by the lucky pig machine can be bought in the gem transaction. The equipment is permanent but does not add capacity. You can buy it in the mall of the website with gems and rolls. In the mall, when it comes to festivals and general activities, sometimes a limited number of permanent suits are issued, and the top-level ability suits generally exceed 100 yuanThose suits in street basketball are permanent. How much are they
In the game, the mall sells ~1 Suit: naochun suit (LV1) Permanently adds attribute 7 (male or female) 2 Shoes: Caiyuan roller shoes (LV1) permanent +5 ability (male or female)
Street basketball SG which suit is the best
Speaking of SG, I think it mainly depends on 3 points. After all, this is his capital to eat. But you have to ask what suit is the best to buy, that is, the so-called cost performance. I think there are sStreet basketball suit  cardiganeveral situations in which scores can be obtained. 1. if you don't have much money to spend on this, but want to play this game for a long timeWhat is the permanent suit for street basketball (except for the Spring Festival)
Top: free shirt (Level 1) dragon Kungfu shirt (Level 1) reticulated jacket Special Edition (Level 1) Nike courage T-shirt (level 16) valiant (level 16) lower garment: stripless sweatpants (Level 1) dragon Kungfu pants (Level 1) dancer pantStreet basketball suit  cardigans (level 16)Street basketball suit  cardigan shoes: Caiyuan roller shoes (level 1) spring shoes (Level 1) set: naochun shirt
Street basketball suit cardigan

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