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2022-06-23 02:11Street basketball video
Summary: Can Android and IOS switch to each other for street basketballThis can't be converted to each other. You can only play in two independent games. If you are satisfied with the answer, please accept
Can Android and IOS switch to each other for street basketball
This can't be converted to each other. You can only play in two independent games. If you are satisfied with the answer, please accept it. IStreet basketball apple wish you a happy lifeHow do street basketball apples play PF
I just use apple to play PF, which is much better than Micah and black girl. Apple's height is adjusted by 180. Her attributes are rebounds, blocks and physical confrontation +2, which is stronger than any character's turn to PF. Mika is good at jumping, but his height is only 166. Even if the apple jumps -1, it is the same as MikaStreet basketball Apple's ability
Steal the body cover and rebound, plus 2 near shots, three-point layup and one defensive female C
Can Android and IOS data exchange for street basketball mobile Street basketball applegames? Apple and Android can work together
Then Android and IOS players can play this game together. However, in most cases, you need to add friends to form a team together. The Jiuyou Xiaobian will continue to pay attention to the latest news about the exchange between Android and apple. You may as well pay more attention to the Jiuyou street basketball mobile game zoneStreet basketball strawberries and apples who is more suitable for playing PF for reasons and recommended height
Strawberry passing, dribbling, running and bouncing plus 2 Apple reStreet basketball applebounds, blocks, steals and physical confrontation plus 2 pf respectively. Bouncing, rebounds, blocks and dunks / layups are mainly considered, so choose one of the two to choose apple. 177 is the height choice, and the rebounds are just a little more than 176. My advice to you is to choose apples if you look goodIn street basketball, can Apple C be 3 seconds high
It seems that the maximum size of Apple C is 190cm. If this is the case, there is no hope to spend three years in high school, unless you are willing to spend money to increase your rebounding ability to 104+ bounce 60. If theStreet basketball apple height is not there, even if the ability is the same as that of 200cm male C, you can only watch it if others can
"Street basketball Tour" is Android and Apple Data interoperable
Is it Tencent's street basketball? At present, Android and apple data of street basketball mobile games are not interconnected, but from the perspective of the current market, many sports games have realized Android and IOS data interoperability, so Tencent is one of the leaders in the game industryNew role of street basketball what career is apple suitable for
: the ability value of qingliuyou, the latest Apple, is as follows: (where is it suitable? Let's take a look at its initial value and analyze it to get it!) If you choose F: physical confrontation 26 (+2), rebounds 26 (+2), blocks 26 (+2), steals 26 (+2)About street basketball special role apple
Bad, PF chooses Micah, 5 rebounds higher than the same height, very cool. If C, choose ah 5 to play 33, and choose Nini to play in the plank house before level 30. Guard Sigmund
Do Android and apple communicate with each other? Street basketball mobile games about Apple
At present, the mobile games that realize data exchange in the market are competitive games, and the street basketball mobile game is also a competitive mobile game. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that Tencent's father will enable data exchange. Note: Currently, the street basketball mobile game has only started the Android delete file internal test, and apple is still starting the test
Street basketball apple

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