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Strong street basketball watch his movements

2022-06-23 03:51Street basketball video
Summary: How to prevent street basketballDefense method: when the opponent is back against you and ready to make a strong effort, you should pay attention to his actions. For example, if he dribbles to the lef
How to prevent street basketball
Defense method: when the opponent is back against you and ready to make a strong effort, you should pay attention to his actions. For example, if he dribbles to the left in the first place, you should go to the right side for defense. If you follow to the left, he dribbles to the right in the second timeWho can teach me how to dribble hard in street basketball
There are three methods. 1: W push. When it is attached to people, loosen W and press "back" to build. 2: W push forward. When you stick to people, first install Zuojian. When you see the people making great efforts to the left, immediately press the right (quick response) three: the same method as two, but in the opposite directionHow can you give a big lift to street basketball
If there is no dead ball after lifting the ball, directly a + &\8596; OK. If you have a dead ball, if you have the hook and retreat skills, you can use the false hook to pull the ball up first, and then make a big effort. The false tick press method is the basket reverse direction key + D, fast W. If dead ballStrong street basketball  watch his movements twiceHow to use the power dribble in street basketball
Normal power dribble.. W push forward. Then press the left and right keys. Be consistent. Very good skill of shaking down people. As long as the defender judges the wrong direction, he will be shaken down. This is a unique skill in the interior, but there are skills that are not equipped in the skill slotHow pStrong street basketball  watch his movementsowerful is street basketball PF
Landlord! I think you're talking about the swing dribble used after the inside line presses w to squeeze the position? Powering dribble is a skill that can be learned by an interior profession. The difference between installing powering dribble and not installing powering dribble is that you can change direction from left to right or move in the same direction twice. The basis is the same. Press the w+ direction key to squeeze the position on the interior lineHow to use street basketball energetically
Just like G's passing, w enters the backhand, then left to right or vice versa. If the defender walks in the opposite direction of you, he will be shaken down
How to avoid hard dribble in street basketball
↑→ you continue to press w to retreat in the opposite direction, and you will never fall down after he dribbles hard! Second: Hat sucking. Those who are a little old in online games of internal players should perfectly control this bug. Hat sucking can be said to violate the principle of basketball. This bug also reflects "flash board" and "even a"! In a word, I personally feel that when I encounter a strong attack on the inside, I use itHow to do street basketball vigorously
Then, when w is released, press the four directions of left, right, left, left, right and right in an instant, and become proficient slowly. TherStrong street basketball  watch his movementse is a movement of getting up at the moment of carrying W. press the direction before getting up completely, otherwise it won't go out. Just let w loose and slow down
How to prevent street basketball from dribbling hard? I am so old
Go in his direction. The strong breakthrough dribble is to dribble the ball in the same direction for two times. As long as you go in his direction, you won't fall~~ Or press and hold w first Strong street basketball  watch his movementsto resist him. When he wants to be strong, continue to press and hold W and walk backward. If he takes two steps, he won't be knocked down by him. Wait until he finishes his transportationHow to use pf energetically in street basketball
It's simple: on the outside line, first press w to make the posture of back dribbling, and then dribble inside. It's ok if you don't. Release W and quickly press left or right twice. If the inside line wants to pull the defender, you can press the a plus direction key to make a circle around the basket
Strong street basketball watch his movements

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