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Inside line of street basketball what specific routine

2022-06-23 11:01Street basketball video
Summary: Street basketball inside the fold, and G's fold a, what specific routinesInside line overlapping, usually C and PF or two inside line psychological tactics. The inner line is divided into two types
Street basketball inside the fold, and G's fold a, what specific routines
Inside line overlapping, usually C and PF or two inside line psychological tactics. The inner line is divided into two types of stacks. One is the inner stack: the smaller pf stands unInside line of street basketball  what specific routineder the blue basket, and then a tall C stands outside, blocking the PF's body with C's body. The other is that C is inside and PF is outside. The basic operation of stacking is a+sHow to use the inside line of street basketball
Whether to divide the ball or not depends on your position. If you get a position and still score, you are giving the ball to others! Don't be afraid even if you are divided by others. You can get the ball back by dividing the ball at the moment when he is ready to jump up and grab the board. Of course, the Internet speed should be good enough! And if you haven't jumped beforeWhat is good for street basketball
If you want C or PF, you need to know the role and advantages of C and PF. Let's start with C: height, large area under the basket, high resistance, and high rebounding ability. At the same level, when the equipment gap is small, it is mainly rebounding, supplemented by interior scoring. (note the inside score). PF: it runs slightly higher than CInside experience of street basketball
Answer: 1: as long as the Inside line of street basketball  what specific routineopponent's position is firmly clamped, the opponent can be forced to go around the back board or divide the ball, which can greatly reduce the opponent's chances of getting the board (note that the opponent is clamped, not the position of the inside line)
Which C is the best in street basketball with special interior lines
The first choice is leisurely, and the second choice is ah Wu. Youran is typical of thin C, and AWU is typical of fat C. The difference is that Youran is smaller, which is conducive to transposition. AWU is larger and more confrontational. If you are a novice, you should take it easy. C often has to face the situation of being beaten by the enemy 2 to 1. Its small size is conducive to moving and seizing the defensive position and side cards (strong anti suction). AgainStreet basketball C inside line
Since the center doesn't have to change his profession, his ability will take shape from the first level. The main task of the center is to defend inside and organize attacks, including rebounding, blocking and passing I am not in favor of the center scoring A. Backboard: (in the case of the same level) even if there is PF, the backboard is deInside line of street basketball  what specific routinefinitely C. take level 25 C as an example LowInside problem of street basketball
The dunk is a little bit. Generally, it is around the 2-point line, then face outward, take a step outside after getting the ball, and then suddenly press and hold w+d, but it is also easy to appear. The shooting of digging this ass is not allowed, so it can't be too far from the basket
How can street basketball not be pushed away from the inside line
As soon as the ball has just landed, get ready to jump. G can't get the ball at the highest point and jumps at the falling point. The position shall be judged accurately. Stand directly under the ball. Don't jump too hard. What you see is what you can grab. It is suggested that you do not rob the board.. You'd better wait for the ball to hit the groundOn the problem of street basketball inside practInside line of street basketball  what specific routineice
Take the horse step, squat down, and push with all your strength. If you can't do it, it's a foul, and you don't serve. Or if you're fast, you can take a step. Don't let the outside line hang the ball to the restricted area and steal it
Street basketball, looking for a detailed explanation of all kinds of inside moves
The interior attack usually starts with the actual situation. So first of all, you must have a complete grasp of reality and emptiness. Don't think you'll master it according to the actual situation. It's no use just turning the actual situation a few times. First, let's talk about the number of turns. PF can turn twice and C can turn three times. If you shoot directly with the number of turns
Inside line of street basketball what specific routine

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