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Street basketball 3 points PF

2022-06-23 16:01Street basketball video
Summary: How does pf use back 3 points in street basketballLet me teach you this bug (I was crazy about playing joint basketball during the May Day holiday because I could play this bug~ ha ha) this bug is: a
How does pf use back 3 points in street basketball
Let me teach you this bug (I was crazy about playing joint basketball during the May Day holiday because I could play this bug~ ha ha) this bug is: a character at any position, at any level, can tilt back and hook First, in the driving range: press D twice to lay up, or press D three steps twice to make sure the goal is scored (note that D is only pressed twice
About the PF3 point ability of street basketball
Your clothes may have 40+ in the later 3 points, but SF has 70+, and your board and bounce are 10 points less than others. What are you playing with? It is recommended not to buy. If you want to buy something, you can buy something that is "board + jump". If you don't buy clothes, the PF3 score is sometimes very accurate, even terrible. Generally, C does not prevent PF3Street basketball PF3
Not bad! It should be quite accurate! I bought it on a whim! But I'm 44 plus 9, and my cStreet basketball 3 points PFoat doesn't have a corner! You are a horned man! So 39! I am in my 40s! Because pf's 3 points are basically not defensive! So when you are absolutely empty! It's nice to throw a threePF3 in street basketball
After the PF level is higher, the last 3 points are almost as accurate as the novice g, but when pitching, press D to be heavier (compared with G)! Personal feelingHow does the PF of "street basketball" shoot 3 points accurately
It is more accurate to step on the line and leave a vacancy. There is also reverse running or positioning without direction key a, and then it will be accurate. Try to step on the line. Finally, at about 60 degrees, the 3 points (such as fixed-point and perfect mid shot) of the 2-point shooting action from the back running and stepping on the line will be more accurate. Add: buying some clothes is the last wordHow to add the PF ability of the current version of street basketball
3-point PF: add bounce and 3-point room PF: add bounce and rebounds Zhongtou PF: add bounce and Zhongtou don't know what to add bounce. Bounce is a panacea. It must be right
Who can explain how the PF3 score in street basketball is super accurate, and what's the matter with floating cover
First of all, the 3 points above PF 31+ in the later stage of PF3 is quite accurate, especially the ability to wear +3 points and install empty seats. 2 luck I have a friend who is not high in pf24, but is often accurate and often inaccurate at 3 points. Basically, as long as he enters the back for the first time, he will not enter the back for the first timeWhat is the PF three-point ability of street basketball? Pf special person for recommendation
Hard to say. Some PF of more than 40 and more than 50 are very accurate,. I think the main stream of the special character PF is Mika (with outstanding rebounds and fast dunking speed) and Duncan (with outstanding bounce and strong shot blocking ability). Now fan Zhongxin has heard that it is very good, but I haven't played itHow to play street basketball well
OK, let's get to the point. Let's start with defense.Street basketball 3 points PF Of course, the most basic defense Street basketball 3 points PFis blocking. There is also interference, and then it is the block. How do we choose these three defensive methods. The basic principle is which can bring the greatest benefit to the team and which can be used. If the opponent PG is in the middle of the pitch, or PF is at 3 pointsHow to play street basketball if the PF score is accurate
With a third angle, you can reach 40 points I've tried to hit about 35% basically, provided the position is empty So how to play or how to play, do not alwaStreet basketball 3 points PFys deduct PG, PF always three points. These are all signs of being bored
Street basketball 3 points PF

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