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Street basketball stopboard

2022-06-22 17:01Street basketball video
Summary: How about the second board of street basketballOrdinary stopboard: the stopboard belongs to a relatively simple type of board. Positive seconds are also common. When the second cricket ball falls, pre
How about the second board of street basketball
Ordinary stopboard: the stopboard belongs to a relatively simple type of board. Positive seconds are also common. When the second cricket ball falls, press D immediately when it flashes when it touches the frame. At this time, the role is to directly hold the board upward or backward Punching seconds: punching seconds is faster than the ordinary second board. Stand at the ball's landing point Press w to engage The ball fell Press D nowPF stopboard secret of street basketball~~
The second board is to press a or D when the ball just touches the basket. The second board mainly includes seconds, minutes and seconds Second grabbing is generally applicable to the situation where you are stuck inside and your opponent is standing behiStreet basketball stopboardnd you, and you must ensure that your position can grab the boardHow does street basketball work
First, let's talk about the second board first. The second board can be divided into three situations: high board, medium board and low board. If the high board and medium board have a capacity value of more than 35 seconds, you can use +11 board clothes for seconds. If the low board has a capacity value of more than 35 seconds. Generally, C can use seconds. Remember that the low board can't wait for the ball to pop up and then seconds. That's called instant boardHow can street basketball stop
In FS, simply say that punching can improve the highest point! Get the ball higher! This is the punch board. The punch board is a very gorgeous board. You can punch the ball from a long distanceWhat are the tricks of the street basketball stopboard
Not every board can take seconds. Of course, for a C with a rebounding ability of more than 100 at level 45, he can take seconds except for a few high boards. You can't estimate 5 kinds of boards with your 25pf ability value. Some boards that come out of the box and bounce on the box for several times can last for seconds. Street basketball stopboardThis depends on your prediction, reaction and standing positionDo I need to press the w position on the stopboard in street basketball
The center is on the second board! In your own confidence than the other players seconds faster! You can not jam!! (of course there must be a place
How much is the street basketball ability worth
In street basketball, there are about four kinds of rebounds: the best second is the straight board The second is Gao Gao. I heard that Gao Shun board can arrive at C5 in seconds It mainly depends on predicting the landing point of the ball For the boards in senior one, it is necessary for C's rebounding ability to reach about 70 and his bounce to reach 35What are the stopboards of street basketball? How to stand? How to seconds? Be more specific
Stopboard: the stopboard is the most poweStreet basketball stopboardrful of all rebounds You should also know the stopboard method, but let me say: 1 When the basketball just touches the basket, press D or a to instantly part of the backboard or grab the hand, leaving no chance for the opponent to react 2. some rebounds can't be grabbed in seconds, and can only be scored in seconds and minutesHow to stop playing street basketball
1. Stopboard method: the stopboard means that youStreet basketball stopboard can press a or C when the ball just touches the basket, but only if the rebounding ability is highHow to stop playing street basketball. And the negative
Second board: the so-called second board is the board you get at the highest point of the ball's bounce. You get the ball when the ball doesn't fall! Low board anyone can seconds' medium and high boards need to see the rebounding ability value 'as long as the highest point of the ball bounce is within their own highest point' such a ball can seconds! You can get to the reality and think about how high you jump than the ball bounces up
Street basketball stopboard

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