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Street basketball backboard

2022-06-22 18:01Street basketball video
Summary: How to rebound in street basketballBlocking limits the range of rebounding: generally, as long as you stick to the opponent's back and the opponent uses the blocking position, you can't get the
How to rebound in street basketball
Blocking limits the range of rebounding: generally, as long as you stick to the opponent's back and the opponent uses the blocking position, you can't get the rebound at the first time by pressing D directly Of course, if the ball flies out of the opponent'sStreet basketball backboard blocking area, then you can grab it, but in this case, the opponent would have grabbed it earlierHow to rebound in street basketball
The key is to judge the landing point first when the card position is at the high level. If you are under the basket, the best position is to leak half of the body's second board. If you are fighting for the high board, stand near the free throw line and press DD to make up the basket. The make-up basketStreet basketball backboard is indeed 0.1 seconds faster than the ordinary fight for the board. It should be clear in the game when the board is flat. NoHow to rebound in street basketball
The punch board is a very gorgeous board. You can punch the ball from far away, and even get the board through people's bodiesAll kinds of rebounds in street basketball
Ordinary board: Needless to say reverse board: press D without direction key after w card position (there is also a method of pressing ghost board on the second floor). Reverse board punching board is the same as ghost board: press D with direction key after run-up. Second board: press D as soon as the ball touches the basket on the premise of high ability
The blue board of street basketball
② Second board: the so-called second board is the board you get at the highest point of the ball's bounce. You get the ball when the ball doesn't fall! Anyone with a low board can count for seconds' the middle and high boards need to see the rebounding ability value 'as long as the highest point of the ball is within its own highest point' such a ball can count for seconds! You can get to the reality and think that you can jump higher than the ballStreet basketball backboardHow to grab rebounds in street basketball hand games
2. As a guard of the internal backboard, he should also be familiar with the shooting in different positions, the bounce and fall of the basketball. Only in this way can you judge the landing point of the rebound and stand at the landing point in advance. 3. judge the timing Street basketball backboardof grabbing the board. Don't shoot indiscriminately. If you jump early, you can't touch the ball, and you jump lateStreet basketball pf backboard skills
1. Be familiar with your board grabbing height: This is the most important point How to get familiar with it? Simple, medium height boards to the following boards, as long as you see the rebounds fly to the highest point and just get ready to fall, you can grab them Of course, the high board can only be snatched after falling a certain distanceHow high is the rebound of street basketball
The dimensions of the backboard are: 0.03m thick (3cm), 1.80m wide, 1.05M high, and 2.90M from the ground. The inner diameter of the rim is 0.45 m (45 cm), painted orange, the top surface of the rim is horizontal, 3.05 m from the floor, and the distance from the two vertical sides of the backboard is equal. The net is made of white stringHow to grab all kinds of backboard in street basketball
This problem is quite general. It is obvious that the development of FS has reached its late stage. Most players have basically mastered the basic rebound method. I can only tell you briefly that if I can't grab C in 2v2 on 1-16, the main reason is that I can't grab C in 2v2 because of the skill card. Therefore, if you want to play C, you have to buy a card firstRebounding skills of street basketball
Rhythmically, I use "Dang" to represent the sound of basketball playing on the frame and "pa" to represent the sound of you grasping the backboard. There are different situations. The easiest one is that the ball bounces three times and falls off
Street basketball backboard

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