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Street basketball update if hardware

2022-06-22 20:05Street basketball video
Summary: Why can't I update my street basketballThis is caused by system problems. A simple solution to the problem that memory cannot be read/written: the possibility of hardware is relatively small. If it
Why can't I update my street basketball
This is caused by system problems. A simple solution to the problem that memory cannot be read/written: the possibility of hardware is relatively small. If it is hardware, it should be caused by the incompatibility between the memory module and the host. If the hardware reason can be ruled out (memory module incompatibility)
How to update street basketball
For automatic updates, you can also download the patch from the official website and install it in " Street basketball " Under the directory of, just overwrite itHow to update street basketball
Basketball, if you want to update, you can go to your download address or go to the official website to download itHow to update the street basketball patch download how to use
Download the patch to the folder of streetball, and then click the icon to install it
Street basketball update
After the "superstar" version was updated, some players reported that they were prompted to "disconnect from the server" when enteringStreet basketball update  if hardware the channel. This problem was solved with the great help of enthusiastic players. The solution is as follows: Step 1: open the street basketball file directory and delete the fix folder. Step 2: open the street basketballWhat should I do when Street basketball update  if hardwarestreet basketball is updated
Update files are generally executable compressed files. You can update the folder of street basketball. For example, street basketball is installed in e: street basketball. Under the ~ street basStreet basketball update  if hardwareketball ~ folder are some configuration files and execution files. Then you can update them in this folderHow to update street basketball
Each time you click the shortcut of street basketball, the window that comes out is t2box. Normally, you can start the game at the bottom right corner of the store. If you need to update a new version, the word "start game" will become an updated game. If it is reasonable, it will be automatically updated. If the automatic update fails (generally, it will not fail)Street basketball weekly update
It used to be updated every Tuesday. Now it is updated every Thursday.. The routine maintenance on every Thursday may be updated together with holiday activities in advance or postponed for several days if there are holidaysThe new version of street basketball updates the content of god horse
On September 26, there will be a major update with gStreet basketball update  if hardwarereat changes. The following is the announcement that the street basketball in the original text will have a major update. At that time, more new elements will be introduced to you. Before that, we will correct the important problems that have been found in the next version based on the players' opinionsWhat's new in street basketball 8.13
At that time, please actively submit the problems encountered in the game to our customer service mm, and we will give you a satisfactory answer! Street basketball every time every point of progress is inseparable from your support and help! Tell your friends the good news quickly
Street basketball update if hardware

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