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2022-06-26 02:35Street basketball video
Summary: What is the permanent suit for street basketball (except for the Spring Festival)These things are permanent tops: free shirt (Level 1) dragon Kungfu shirt (Level 1) reticulated jacket Special Edition
What is the permanent suit for street basketball (except for the Spring Festival)
These things are permanent tops: free shirt (Level 1) dragon KungfStreet basketball permanentu shirt (Level 1) reticulated jacket Special Edition (Level 1) Nike courage T-shirt (level 16) valiant (level 16) pants: stripless sweatpants (Level 1) dragon Kungfu pants (Level 1) dancer pants (level 16) shoes: money rolling shoes (Level 1) spring shoes (
Introduction to various permanent street basketball equipment
Permanent hat: with bounce and 3-pointer +1. My SF and G both use this. That giant panda's head is a backboard +1, which is used by my C. There are also some hairstyles that are not very practical. I didn't buy them. The most expensive and practical is the permanent +5 mechanical wingsStreet basketball what is a permanent suit
There is no need to say the name. There are men and women who can see it for themselves. Gemstones sell their own things, and the points drawn by the lucky pig machine can be bought in the gem transaction. The equipment is permanent but does not add capacity. You can buy it in the mall of the website with gems and rolls. The mall has general activities during festivals, sometimesWhat are the permanent props for street basketball? Please specify
The probability of opening a box to produce something permanent is equivalent to 5million for two times in a row... Tattoos are not permanentWhat are the permanent props in street basketball
Steals 3 points and 2 points against the backboard with his body, because few g plays this with his body. Pf I only have 32, and now the equipment is nothingHow can I get the permanent suit of street basketball, and other similar websites can be bought. They can also be bought in street ball games. They can also get money from many channels when holding activities. However, they all pay more than 250 yuan. If they think about 100 yuan, they are directly ignored by the film
What areStreet basketball permanent the permanent props in street basketStreet basketball permanentball! Detail point
The hair style is basically permanent, and so is the decoration inside. Only clothes, pants, suits, shoes, parts are. Clothes, 1, 16 and 1 pair of pants are the same as above. Shoes include: the Tang suit (red) and the money rolling shoes. There is only one set of +5 suits: one and can be used, redHow to buy permanent street basketball props
ThosStreet basketball permanente who need to buy a suit template on the official website of street basketball will be forged. Generally, a suit costs about 200-300 yuan and a shoe costs about 100-200 yuan. Other permanent + ability items are also sold in stores, but few, such as permanent Nike T-shirts, financial rolling shoes, dancer pants and so onStreet basketball permanent
Suit: naochun 17How to get permanent props in street basketball games
Want a template after gem synthesis. Or go to the shopping mall in the game, but permanent clothes are not only few but also expensive. In addition, limited edition permanent suits are sold on the official website at certain times and festivals. You can buy them on the official website in those days. When time passes, there will be no more. And let me remind you
Street basketball permanent

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