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Street basketball with apple

2022-06-26 10:02Street basketball video
Summary: Which special role in street basketball is the most suitable for transferring to PF? Which role is the best, mikaron junxuan appleApple is good-looking and practical, but it doesn't have many featu
Which special role in street basketball is the most suitable for transferring to PF? Which role is the best, mikaron junxuan apple
Apple is good-looking and practical, but it doesn't have many features. Of course, there are great children. Besides their nationality, appearance and actions, it's basically impeccable. But after all, it's a woman's late stage board. Xiao Rui is handsome. Her actions are handsome. She has two points and three points. The spider has no advantage. If she can match it, it's still very good to see. Two points are very poor. Three pointsStreet basketball special character Mika, strawberry, apple about +11 one piece set +9+3 shoes
Mika runs, 19 bounces, 41 body vs. 20 rebounds, 24 blocks, 21 dunks, 22 strawberry runs, 22 bounces, 40 body vs. 20 rebounds, 20 blocks, 20 dunks, 19 Apple runs, 20 bounces, 40 body vs. 22 rebounds, 22 blocks, 22 dunks, 19New role of street basketball what career is apple suitable for
: the ability value of qingliuyou, the latest Apple, is as follows: (where is it suitable? Let's take a look at its initial value and analyze it to get it!) If you choose F: physical confrontation 26 (+2), rebounds 26 (+2), blocks 26 (+2), steals 26 (+2)Street basketball PG is appStreet basketball with applele! How to play! Ask for advice
Apple That's Street basketball with applefor PF. Besides PF, C and PG still have disadvantages compared with men in terms of female roles. First of all, female roles are slow to play, which is not suitable for 2T mobile nowadays. However, if you have chosen apple, you can't help it. It's better to have awareness and the floorStreet basketball Charlotte and Apple strawberry which is more beautiful
Apple is suitable fStreet basketball with appleor playing C and PF, Charlotte is more suitable for playing SG, and strawberry is more suitable for playing pg. Charlotte looks better from the aspect of appearance, but in terms of action, I prefer strawberries and recommend Charlotte. The clothing matching will be better
About street basketball special role apple
Bad, PF chooses Micah, 5 rebounds higher than the same height, very cool. If C, choose ah 5 to play 33, and choose Nini to play in the plank house before level 30. Guard Sigmund
Street basketball strawberries and apples who is more suitable for playing PF for reasons and recommended height
Strawberry passing, dribbling, running and bouncing plus 2 Apple rebounds, blocks, steals and physical confrontation plus 2 pf respectively. Bouncing, rebounds, blocks and dunks / layups are mainly considered, so choose one of the two to choose apple. 177 is the height choice, and the rebounds are just a little more than 176. My advice to you is to choose apples if you look goodIs it good for street basketball with apple PF and running? For example, how about running 9 and jumping 3_ Baidu knows
You can go and see the real basketball game. Your personal technical competition is not faster than anyone else. I don't mean that it's bad to be fast, but it mainly depends on your personal reaction. I think games are games. The speed in games must be the running speed, which will not affect the reaction speed of your charactersHow do street basketball apples play PF
Apple can play anything. The tendency of ability value does not affect the position you want to play. More people are willing to choose apple to play pf or C. for PF, you don't have to choose the highest. Of course, if you can choose 180 for the disabled or the visual controller, it is recommended to choose 177 or 176 for the great God. The reason is that this height is good-lookingAnalysis of Xiao Rui's great spirit in street basketball Tour
Gradually, everyone around knew such a different ballroom dancer. AbiStreet basketball with applelity analysis: he is good at defense. Although shooting is not his strong point, fancy shooting makes it difficult for him to be defended
Street basketball with apple

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